Gracepoint Recap: Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Credit: Fox
Credit: Fox

Who killed Danny Solano? It’s the question currently plaguing the show Gracepoint, and this week, we are still nowhere near getting an answer to it.

Fans of the show might be crying “What gives, Gracepoint?” but all will be revealed in due time apparently. Keep dwindling down that list of suspects, viewers. I know I’ve knocked off a few now after tonight’s episode.

Let’s grab our cases files and check out what went down in the town of Gracepoint this week.

What You Need to Know:

  • Dark Past Revealed: Owen discovers that Jack was jailed for sex with a minor years before he moved to Gracepoint. Owen reveals his information about Jack to the police. Carver and Miller question a defensive Jack about his sex-offender past. Owen confronts Jack publicly about his sex crime. Vince, who witnesses their argument, tells Mark. Jack arrives at the Solano household with Danny’s cell phone, and tries to convince them that he is not the killer.
  • Psychic Undone: The police hold a public meeting to discuss the case, after which Raymond confronts Carver about the accuracy of his psychic information. Carver and Miller disclose that Raymond is a convicted criminal to Beth. Ellie tells her that he has declared bankruptcy twice and has prior convictions for theft and conspiracy to commit fraud. With that, the Solanos cut Raymond out of their lives.
  • Bad Press: Renee tells the Solanos that national press attention will help their case, and they agree to help her write a story. News media coverage of Danny’s murder backfires, and a horde of national press descends on Gracepoint and invades people’s privacy.
  • Creepy Lady Ups the Creep Factor: Susan aka Creepy Lady goes to Gemma looking for a job. Gemma runs Susan’s social security number and finds out that she’s not actually Susan Wright.Gemma tells this to Kathy Eaton at the newspaper, who stupidly confronts Susan on the street about her real identity and asks why she’s hiding. Susan outdoes her creepiness by  appearing seemingly out of nowhere at the newspaper office late one night when Kathy is there by herself (not so smart). Susan tells her to mind her business by saying, “I know men who’d rape you.” Excuse me while I go pick my jaw up off the floor…
  • Sketchy Priest Is Still Sketchy: The memorial service is held but that doesn’t get the heat off the priest. Carver and Miller question Rev. Coates, who discloses he has no alibi for the night Danny was murdered.
  •  Enemies Become Friends: After a pleasant dinner with Ellie and Joe, Carver heads home and passes out on his bathroom floor. Hotel owner Gemma discovers him and takes him to the hospital, but Hardy checks himself out early to work on the case. A glutton for punishment, no?

And now time for our After Party!

What did you all think of this week’s episode?

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