Go Static, Go Static, Go: Live Action ‘Static Shock’ Series in the Works

Photo: DC Comics
Photo: DC Comics

I’m going to need a moment because I am full of childhood nostalgia.

Static Shock was like one of my all time favorite cartoons growing up. While I never really read any of the Static comics, though I may check them out, I definitely recommend the cartoon. It’s just an excellent piece of early ’00s cartoon entertainment. It’s often forgotten in the wake of other cartoons such as The Justice League.

Still watch it. I know it deviates from the comics.

Don’t care. Go and watch it.

The reason I say this is because Static Shock is coming back to television. This time the hero is going to be in live action.

Everyone say it with me now: Yaaaaasss!

Not much is known about the project except the Warner Brothers is working on it. There is no one currently no one in the ring to play Virgil Hawkins/Static Shock.

In the comics and the cartoon, Virgil was exposed to some sort of chemical during a gang fight that gave him electromagnetic powers. I’m not sure how much this was true in comics canon, but in the cartoon, there were multiple people also affected by this event. It gave him a rather large rogue’s gallery along with some other heroes as well.

This event was known as the “Big Bang” as it was the birth of metahumans in the area. Those affected became known as “Bang Babies”.

All in all, I’m excited and interested to see exactly where a live action version of Static would go. The cartoon did, obviously, turn down some aspects to make it more accessible to children. So seeing it in an older light makes me really excited about the project.

We’ll let you know more as we learn more about the project.

Bec Heim