Get Ready: The Battles Start Up On ‘The Voice’ Season Seven

Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

Hello all!

After five rounds of the Blinds, it’s time to see the contestants in action along with our two new coaches. Because seriously? I am dying to know Gwen and Pharrell’s coaching style.

Okay so mainly Pharrell’s, but can you blame me? I think this season is going to be me developing a large crush on the man. Much the same with Usher, it’s competence and confidence that makes me all swoony.

Also I’m excited to see Blake be a dorky dad figure. Blake is everyone’s dorky dad and I love it. It brings joy to my life.

So the coaches all have two steals, the mentors are ready, and the contestants are about to head to Battle it out! Let’s recap this!


“If I Ain’t Got You” sung by Elyjuh Rene versus Maiya Skyes: OhmyGod Elyjuh starts screaming when he sees Alicia Keyes sitting there. Pharrell paired them together because he felt they would contrast well and parallel well. They are singing an Alicia song with Alicia playing accompaniment that is kickass. Maiya’s vibrato gets praise from Pharrell. Elyjuh’s creativity gets praised but Pharrell wants him to try for the higher notes. Damn they are are playing off each other well in rehearsal. Elyjuh still gets notes about his high notes. Maiya offers help with vocal technique while Pharrell tells her that she needs to emote her experience. Pharrell wants them to share willingly what they are feeling in that moment. Alright, immediately I hear it and my first thought is that Elyjuh is waaaay too young for this. Maiya puts experience into it along with absolute lush and rich vocals. It’s gorgeous on her end, while Elyjuh just sounds…young. Not in a good way either. Gwen thought they were like Legos and they just connected. She loved the theatre that Elyjuh brought and his beautiful voice. Maiya’s voice, however, shot through her and was electrifying. She can’t choose. Adam loved the way they covered the song more. He thinks that Elyjuh has a more ethereal quality and goes with him. Blake felt like it was a Grammy moment for them. He loved Maiya’s unbelievable power and thinks she is a world-class singer. He is leaning toward Elyjuh because of his potential for growth. Pharrell is proud that Elyjuh hit the note but he loves Maiya’s lightning bolt voice. The winner is ELYJUH RENE! …SOMEONE STEAL MAIYA GODDAMMIT! Ugh! What the hell?!


Young Girls” sung by Chris Jamison versus Jonathan Wyndam: I can’t believe Adam got Stevie Nicks. Oh hey it’s Cracker Barrel guy! Stevie wants to teach and share her experience. Adam tells Chris that there is no reason to be nervous while Stevie tells him to go out there with attitude. He doesn’t need to be afraid of his voice. Jonathan’s note is not to over-project. Adam wants him to walk the line between showing his emotions and being overwhelmed by them. Adam thinks that they have their own unique challenges to face. Chris needs to find his sweet spot. Jonathan needs to balance more. You know for a double, four chair turn performance this is really, really boring. They’re both kind of devoid of personality and emotion. This song is really bland, too. I guess I would go with Chris because he is less bland but God this was just…not good. If either one of them gets stolen over Maiya I’ll be pissed. Blake loves how pointed Jonathan’s voice is and thinks that Chris may have broken his mic. He thinks that either one of them is the winner. Pharrell likes how sure Jonathan is and enjoyed hearing Chris’ articulation. He picks Chris. Gwen likes how well they blended with each other and enjoyed Chris’ stage presence. Adam is glad both of them took notes. Adam goes with CHRIS JAMISON!


“Survivor” sung by Jean Kelley versus Sugar Jones: Gwen gave them the song because they are both powerhouses. She wants to test their rhythm and attitude. Gavin thinks that Sugar is very put together but insanely big. He wants Jean to lift the lid so they can see it. Gwen wants them to connect and emotionally deliver. Gwen wants Sugar to keep her eyes open more. Jean needs to work more on her timing because she is too ahead. OHMYGOD A SONG WITH ENERGY! Thank God for that. Okay there is a lot mic issues for both them. Sugar is putting more into it. I think Jean may be a little fast. Individually thought they are letting the music overpower them. Damn when they sync up though they are a million times better. Adam knows how hard the song is and sees potential in both of them. Blake loved that they were each other’s biggest cheerleader and was confused by Sugar’s wardrobe. Pharrell loved the performance and the physicality. He sees how special both of them are. Gwen is proud of both of them. She goes with SUGAR JONES! Adam and Pharrell both want to steal Jean Kelley. Adam loves her interesting break in her voice and she needed to pull back a bit. He thinks that there are things she can do. Pharrell can think of things she can work on and wants to see her through it. He likes how special her voice is. PHARRELL STEALS JEAN KELLEY!


“Wave On Wave” sung by Craig Wayne Boyd versus James David Carter: YES IT’S HOT SINGLE DAD CRAIG WAYNE BOYD! My friend thinks he looks like Chris Hemsworth. I agree. God I love him. It’s the battle of the Hot Male Country Artists. Blake only has room for one male country voice. James needs to round his vowels more and needs to wait before ab-libbing. Craig needs to not over sing and pull back. James gets lost in the song and music. Craig needs to put work on the break in his voice. Then it just breaks out into a sing along. God they are both so attractive, how about they just start making out instead? Oh wow look guys it’s a real battle. The mics are working. It’s actually interesting. And they are both evenly matched. God they are lovingly gazing each other and everything. That was amazing. Pharrell can see where both of them would go and how they would go far. Gwen thinks that Craig is super comfortable on stage but still loves James. Adam said they are the battle they hope for where the contestants come out as a duo. Blake loves Craig’s projection and James’ runs. He wishes one of them sucked. The winner is JAMES DAVID CARTER! And thank you Gwen for saving hot Craig! GWEN STEALS CRAIG WAYNE BOYD!


“Jolene” sung by Amanda Lee Peers versus Taylor John Williams: A lot of triple names tonight. Oh! I remember Amanda! And Taylor! Gwen paired them because she feels are both alternative artists. Gwen thinks that Taylor is holding back and needs to express more emotion for the song. She thinks that it needs to be a performance instead of competition. Gavin thinks that Amanda needs to be natural and Gwen loves her projection. She thinks that they are beautiful together but they need to connect more. The chemistry is lacking between the two. Damn. This is actually legitimately good. Both Amanda and Taylor compliment each other well. I can definitely hear the indie, alternative quality of their voices. I honestly can’t pick out my favorite. Adam liked them. He thinks that Amanda had more passion than Taylor in regards to the song. He still would pick Taylor. Blake thought they sang beautifully. Blake thinks Amanda has the edge and goes with her. Pharrell felt like they made it their own in their own ways. Gwen goes with TAYLOR JOHN WILLIAMS!


“Maybe I’m Amazed” sung by Luke Wade versus Griffin: Pharrell put them together because of their interesting and unique tones. Luke tried to hit the falsetto and it goes wrong. Pharrell doesn’t want him to avoid him that part of his voice. Griffin sounds a bit pitchy and doesn’t know the song. Alicia thinks they should put twists into it. In final rehearsals, it still isn’t coming together. Alicia decides for them to go blues-y with the song. Daaamn both of those boys light it up. GODDAMN THIS SOUNDS AMAZING! Luke is my choice. Luke Wade is absolute killing this song. You go Luke! PICK LUKE! Griffin overran it with his runs. But God this was excellent. Pharrell is so proud. Gwen thinks that they were both amazing. She loved Luke and thinks Griffin’s voice is like butter. Adam thinks that Luke is the best singer in this competition and loved that Griffin did his own thing. Blake thinks that Griffin won that battle. Pharrell picks LUKE WADE! Blake and Gwen both hit their buttons for a steal. Gwen really likes Griffin’s vocals and talent. She thinks they can build on it. Blake thinks that Griffin occupies a space no one else can fit on the show. BLAKE STEALS GRIFFIN!

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