From Neo to Sorcerer Supreme: Is Keanu Reeves Up for ‘Doctor Strange’?


Did you hear that? It was a big sigh of annoyance from Doctor Strange fans.

Since Joaquin Phoenix officially dropped out of negotiations to play the sorcerer supreme in Marvel’s next big film, other rumours about who could play Stephen Strange have surfaced. The biggest being the one that said Ethan Hawke could be the chosen one (which, I must confess, didn’t bother me at all. I like him!) but now a new rumour has emerged and well… no.

Rumour has it Keanu Reeves could be the one to play Stephen Strange. Yes, that Keanu Reeves, and it seems like he is open to the idea.

“I got to those kinds of movies, I like superhero movies. I grew up on them and comics and graphic novels, and the movies. I didn’t know Doctor Strange as a character, I didn’t read that as a kid”, Reeves said to Collider.

It makes sense why he is the latest target of rumours, as he has the looks, age and has previously worked with Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson on The Day the Earth Stood Still. There’s one important thing that concerns Reeves: quality and a long-term contract.

“From a practical standpoint the idea of a long-time contract is sort of ‘errr’ because you want to make sure the material is up to a certain level. Like the good or great level […] I think with [superhero movies], you need the material, you need the director who you think can deliver a vision. You don’t want to do it for doing it, you know? You want to try and make sure it’s doing something,” Reeves explains.

Or maybe, you know, Marvel… you can take a look at Oded Fehr.

Photo: Tumblr
Photo: Tumblr

Sorry for insisting so much, but I am convinced Fehr is the perfect Stephen Strange.

As for Keanu, I don’t feel he is right for this character. Nothing personal, really. It’s just that, as I have mentioned multiple times before, I am a bit way too protective with Stephen Strange.

Doctor Strange is expected to start shooting in the UK next year for a 2016 release. This means we should be getting a confirmation on the lead role pretty soon.

Ok guys, poll time. Would you like to see Keanu Reeves as Stephen Strange?

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