Ever After: 4YE’s Once Upon A Time Post -Show Chatter for “Rocky Road”

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Gather round, Oncers! It’s time for Ever After, 4YE’s podcast about our favorite fairy tale show. You know that we Oncers can go on for hours discussing the events that take place on that show; sometimes the written word is not enough.

We’re going to be discussing last Sunday’s episode, “Rocky Road”, and we hope that you all are ready to rant, rave, go off on tangents, and more with us about this week’s episode.

Be sure to check out our recap on this week’s episode prior to listening to the podcast.

We hope everyone has gathered up their notes, fairydust, enchanted daggers, and crystal balls as it is now time for our podcast!

What did you think about this week’s episode? Hit the comments below!



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