Eric Bana Set For New Disney Sea Rescue Drama

Credit: Metro


I do love a bit of Disney news. I also love hearing that Eric Bana will be appearing on our screens, so all in all it’s a happy day for me.

Eric Bana is set to star in a new Disney live action film. Entitled The Finest Hours, the movie is a sea rescue mission drama (if such a genre exists), and according to Deadline, it will tell the story of the rescue mission that is launched when a pair of oil tankers split in two off the coast of Cape Cod in 1952.

Bana is set to play Daniel Cluff, a Coast Guard warrant officer who is deeply respected by his crew. He is point supervisor to Bernie, played by Chris Pine, and he sends Bernie out on the rescue mission despite his wife’s reservations.

The film also stars Casey Affleck and Kyle Gallner (Veronica Mars), with Gallner reportedly taking the role of the rescue boat’s engine man who apparently feels like he has a lot to prove on the mission.

The script has been adapted by Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson from the 2010 book by Casey Sherman and Michael J Tougias. No word on any predicted release date as yet, but production has already started in Massachusetts.

This project certainly sounds interesting. I’m not sure whether hugely lucrative and successful will necessarily be the right words to describe it. I think it might be one of Disney’s less successful ventures, but then I also remember very clearly declaring that a Pirate film based on a ride would never work, and look how that turned out.

The Finest Hours seems to have an interesting plot, and goodness knows Disney has enough money for all the big blockbusting special effects, so let’s watch this space for more developments.

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