David Decides on Some “Disclosure” This Week on ‘Revenge’

Revenge Disclosure
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Revenge has always kept us on our toes, but  the intensity has been kicked up to an all new high this season. Every moment of this season so far illicits a gasp, a jaw drop, or an “oh my god,” out of us. The expletives screamed over the course of this weeks episode were countless because just so much happened. Seriously, how do we even begin to explain…

Last weeks episode left us with Victoria and David reuniting, and we pick up right from there. As much as David and Victoria’s “never-could-be” love kind of makes us want them together, Victoria is out for revenge more than a love story. David and Victoria’s being together means no happiness for Emily. This episode is worth the watch just to see Victoria and David interact and to see how their dynamics change dramatically following David’s big reveal. Although Victoria does a whole lot of bad in this episode, what is almost more interesting is David.

We expected David to be brooding, dark, and angry. While he is all of these things, he still seems to have his good heart in tact. Yes, he killed Conrad (of how successful he was, we are skeptical), but this was for his love for Victoria. All he wants is a family and all he has left is Victoria and Charlotte. Oh, and Amanda. Wait, but wasn’t her death all over the news? Yes, and it was all Emily Thorne’s fault. Yeah, we know what David is thinking, and it’s giving us heart palpitations.

In less important news: Gideon finally gets his karma served to him on a plate in this episode. Gideon is one of those villains who you hate so much you just want them to get lost. They are just annoying and need to not be around. We will say that we did enjoy him just as a plot device to get Daniel and Margaux working together again. While this episode has left us hating everything and flipping out, we have one thing to be some what happy about: Daniel and Margaux. Together, they are sexy and badass. It’s not like what they are doing involves Emily. They may not be the best people, but we just can’t help but love them together. Their schemes rival Emily and Nolan’s and that’s a huge feat.

Speaking of Nolan, we still miss him on our screen. Because of his adorable morality (there is no room for that on this show, doesn’t he know that?), he is not too involved in all of these shenanigans. Unfortunately, his refusal to take part in any more scheming (he’s spending all that extra time on his hair and wardrobe), means that he is left totally clueless to Emily’s status with Charlotte. That status is currently, um, how do you say “Charlotte-is-pyscho-and-set-Emily-on-fire” as a status update?

Basically, if Charlotte doesn’t end up succeeding in killing Emily, David will try to make sure he gets the job done. What even is this show. Two episodes need to come out a week. Or every single day. A month of Revenge would work, because this waiting a week business is just not flying with us. Also, Jack’s friend may be beautiful to look at but there is no time in this season for another love interest because too much is happening, and Jack’s lack of scruff and his police uniform has us rooting for him again.

NOLANISM OF THE NIGHT: I`m sorry, could you repeat that? Because all I could hear was the sound of my revenge-free summer being strangled to death by a web of thorns.

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues