Buffy Alum Set to Return to Highschool as Nicholas Brendon Joins ‘Faking It’

Photo: Webster Talent Management
Photo: Webster Talent Management

Xander Harris is heading back to school! Well, sort of.

Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly announced that Buffy alum, Nicholas Brendon is set to guest star in the season finale of MTV’s Faking It. Faking It stars Rita Volk and Katie Stevens as Amy and Karma, two best friends who decide to fake being in a relationship together in order to become more popular at school. It all becomes a little too real for Amy (Volk) who realizes she’s not as straight as she thought and falls for Karma (Stevens), who uses the fake lesbianism to woo Liam (Gregg Sulkin).

In the season one finale everything goes to hell when Amy tells Karma how she feels and gets rejected, Liam finds out that Amy and Karma were faking it, and Amy and Liam end up making a terrible (drunk) decision and jump into bed together. So far, season 2 has been dealing with the aftermath in addition to dropping some crazy truth bombs.

Brendon will play talented artist and Hester High alum, Jackson Lee, who’s interviewing students for a fellowship. One of those students happens to be Liam and Jackson ends up becoming a mentor to Liam. It seems as if there’s a possibility for Brendon to appear in more than one episode if the show gets renewed for a third season. Brendon was on set today and tweeted out a picture with Rita Volk, his “New favorite person.”

Brendon joins a growing list of awesome Faking It guest stars that includes Laverne Cox (Orange Is the New Black) and Fifth Harmony.