‘Ashes’ to Ashes, Dust to Dust This Week on “Revenge”

'Ashes' to Ashes, Dust to Dust This Week on "Revenge"
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It’s a wonder why Revenge’s tagline isn’t “when the crazy gets crazier.” David’s alive and that alone has turned this show upside down. Little by little, this season’s story is unfolding as more and more people learn of David’s seemingly impossible resurrection.

This week’s episode picks off just where the last left off, with Emily in The Stowaway as it burns to the ground. R.I.P The Stowaway. Of course the show must go on since Emily survives, thanks to super-cop Jack who selflessly pulls her out of the burning building. Yeah, Jack cares more about Emily than his father’s bar and it makes us feel warm and cozy inside. If there was any season to be on team Jack and Emily, it’s this one. The cutest scene of the episode goes to Jack giving Emily a picture of them as kids. It’s been a while since we’ve been reminded of their history as friends and their lengthy past, and it just makes us love their relationship, even as friends… Not that we’d be opposed to more.

Naturally, that is where the sweetness ends, since this episode has a strong focus on the meeting of David and Charlotte.  Of course, Charlotte and David’s meeting is arranged by Victoria’s heavy hand. Queen Grayson has David wrapped around her pinky, which is making us increasingly anxious as the season unfolds. Fortunately, David and Charlotte do have a sweet reunion, however this is largely due to Victoria’s make-believe stories of Charlotte being her rock.

Funny how Victoria has yet to mention Charlotte’s drug use and murderous past. Speaking of, Emily has decided that she will not expose Charlotte’s attempted murder, since the younger Grayson is clearly going through something (you could say that again). We can’t help but side with Nolan in this episode, whose general reaction to this is that Emily is out of her mind. While Nolan definitely knows he can’t change Emily’s mind, he still struggles with Emily’s decision to let Charlotte off the hook. Thankfully, Nolan doesn’t listen to Emily’s claims that she is fine and vows to spend a few nights to look after her.

All we have to say is thank goodness for Nolan, because he’s the one who manages to see via cameras when an intruder pays a special visit to Emily. While we know the hooded man seen on camera to be David, Emily and Nolan remain left out of the loop. More good than bad seems to come of this however, since it is pretty clear that David recognizes Emily to be Amanda. We can hope that this means he is no longer on the hunt to kill her. We can’t wait to see Victoria talk her way out of this one.

For those who love Daniel and Margaux as much as we do, we are happy to report that the two seem to be doing decently in this episode. However, Victoria’s ex-asylum mate seems to have also set her sights on Daniel. While we can’t help but wonder what her motives are, our bigger concern is Margaux. This is the one current relationship on the show and we don’t want to loose it. Have mercy, Revenge. What we will say, is that we did enjoy Victoria and Daniel’s mini reunion more than her and Charlotte’s. You got to love when Daniel tells his mother where to go.

New characters, new revelations, new schemes. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Revenge has upped the stakes this season and we couldn’t love it more.

NOLANISM OF THE NIGHT: It’s a hospital, not a hotel. 


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