ARTPOP to ARTJAZZ to ARTROCK? Lady Gaga May Be Planning A Rock Album!

Photo: tumblr
Photo: tumblr

We’re still basking in the beauty that is Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga’s collaborative jazz album Cheek To Cheek, but a recent Gaga-fan Q&A session revealed that Gaga may be swapping jazz hands for devil horns sometime in the future! Mother Monster has proven time and time again that she can rock out a stadium, arena or festival so how great would it be to have that talent captured in album-format?

The ‘G.U.Y’ singer invited her devoted fans to a special Q&A session on Reddit yesterday (October 3) where she was asked if she would be interested in branching out into even more genres of music now that she has revealed her unexpected skill as a jazz performer. She said:

“I was in a classic rock cover band at the same time I was in jazz band in high school and doing jazz state competitions. We were called ‘Mackin’ Pulsifer’. I have a real passion for Robert Plant’s vocals, Led Zeppelin was a huge inspiration for me. I’m certain that side of my musicianship will seep through the pores of music in the future.”

Gaga, who is often seen sporting band  t-shirts, grew up performing jazz, rock and pop in New York City Footage of the ARTPOP goddess performing in a more rock n’ roll phase. Check it out below!

Despite touring the world and promoting Cheek To Cheek with the legendary Tony Bennett, Gaga will surely be celebrating the jazz album reaching No. 1 in the US and breaking the Top 10 in the UK. Several celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Cher have expressed their praise for the album, some former Gaga-haters have even become fans.

You can listen to Tony and Gaga performing ‘I Can’t Give You Anything But Love’ and Gaga’s solo, live performance of iTunes exclusive track, ‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)’ below.


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