A “Meteor” Hits This Week on ‘Revenge’

Revenge Meteor
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This weeks episode of Revenge has reveals and reunions that fans of the show have been waiting for since the series’ beginning. Following the breaking and entering at the ex-Grayson Manor, Nolan and Emily are walking on eggshells. Nolan is freaking out on behalf of his best friend, while Emily naturally tries to avoid the situation – that is until she is taken in to ID the man who allegedly broke into her home after he is brought in after shoplifting.

If someone is going to watch just one scene from this episode, it should be the scene when Emily sees David Clarke – her father who she has been avenging since the series beginning – for the first time since she was a child. Her face breaks. There’s a crumbling to her expression that makes her look numb, which makes us cry…a lot. A close second is when, minutes later, Nolan rushes to Emily’s side, only to learn the shocking news. Between the two there is a lot of crying, trembling and confusion, which is everything we would want out of this game changing scene.

Although Emily and Nolan’s shocking revelation is the centre of this episode, there are a few other things of substance that are fairly important. Firstly, Jack. This season has been a great season for Jack in the sense that he’s been strong, sensitive yet grounded, and we we really enjoy the cleanly shaven face and the police uniform. He is also substantially less whiny. This episode may be Nick Wechsler’s greatest on the show yet, due to the sole scene when Jack learns of David’s fate before Emily and Nolan. That moment when Jack sees David is shocking. You probably would not expect Jack’s reaction until  you see it, and it all makes sense. David is a man who he knew in his childhood, who’s death heavily influence his future and the future of Emily. Jacks realization that he is alive is earth shattering, mostly because most of us forgot David’s prominence to him.

This episode is seriously emotional and we want to hear about your tissue count after you watched.

Although important and significant in its own right, Daniel’s story falls to the wayside to make room for the big emotional moments of this episode. Louise is putting on some serious moves, flaunting herself in a bathing suit, buying expensive wine, and purchasing swimming trunks for the Grayson. We still aren’t quite sure what this woman is playing at, but she’s making us seriously anxious, especially as people who are pretty avidly team Daniel and Margaux.

Just when you think the emotional roller coaster has returned to its station, the ending of this episode really hits home.

The media outlets are now all over David Clarke’s release following his arrest and Emily is waiting with baited breath. When Charlotte and Victoria appear by David’s side, the Queen Grayson speaking on behalf of David, Emily is at a loss for words. Emily’s last words of the episode, “she got to him first,” hurts our hearts in so many ways. As of right now, it seems the one good thing that Emily has fought for is slipping through her fingers.

Worse, it looks like Victoria has won.

Fortunately we are still very early in the season and we wait impatiently for Emily to achieve justice once and for all. Oh, and for Conrad to come back. Now that David is using the story that Conrad tortured him and hid him for 10 years (right after we see him inflicting wounds on himself), it seems like Conrad has to turn up to prove his story false.

Oh, also…we need a David and Nolan reunion so Nolan can set him straight regarding Amanda/Emily. That is all.

NOLANISM OF THE NIGHT: “Maybe little arson Annie was behind this too”





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