Stephen Fry’s Latest Memoir to be Launched Worldwide via Cinema Simulcast!

Photo: Stephen Fry website

It’s never been done before on this scale, but I saw the trailer a week ago immediately before NT Live’s presentation of Medea, starring the wonderful Helen McCrory, and you can see it here:


Does he need introduction? Stephen Fry – considered a national treasure by many, MANY a Brit (and many wish they were English so they could call him the same) – has been writing memoirs for over 15 years. His first, Moab is my Washpot: an Autobiography, was published in 1997 and I actually picked it up in a jumble sale a few years ago. His style is exactly as you’d expect: erudite, honest, self-deprecating, peppered liberally with his trademark-worthy wit and humour.

If your interest in the life of Stephen Fry thus far points towards specific years, Moab covers the first 20 years of Fry’s life and the 2010 follow-up book, The Fry Chronicles: an Autobiography, covers his Cambridge years and takes readers to the late 1980s (Blackadder anyone?) and Fry’s 30th birthday. More Fool Me: A Memoir is slated to cover selections from the diaries Fry maintained in the 1980s and ’90s.

Although The Fry Chronicles was launched with a live show at the Royal Albert Hall and broadcast via satellite to cinema locations all over the UK, this time, with More Fool Me, the plan is to make that broadcast global.

On Wednesday, October 1, from London’s Royal Festival Hall, audience members in 280 cinemas in the UK will be able to fill their boots with Fry’s one-man show in celebration of the book at 7.30pm UK time, so reports Digital Spy. Further, 130+ cinemas worldwide will enjoy a simulcast (or a delayed ‘recorded earlier that day’ version depending on time zones) of that show, which Fry will be performing live without cinematic simulcasting during a brief UK tour in Manchester, Edinburgh, Sheffield, and Bristol.

And, if you want to get a head start on your reading, the book will be released in stores around the globe (and electronically as an eBook as well as audio) beginning on September 25. Enjoy!



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