SHIELD has to “Go Dark” in the Season Two Premiere

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Oh Agents, it has been far too long. How are you? Anyone experiencing alien-induced visions? Good! Anyone ready for some awesome action and Whedon-brand heartbreak? Let’s do it then!

Previously on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Coulson was made Director after HYDRA was revealed to have systematically infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D.. Ward was the wolf in Coulson’s flock and he nearly killed Fitz and Simmons. The U.S. government is hunting down S.H.I.E.L.D. peeps since the public equates the agency with HYDRA and Coulson’s team has gone underground again at a new top secret base run by an Agent Koenig also played by Patton Oswalt.

Agent Carter and the 084: Austria, 1945. HYDRA baddies are salvaging what they can and carefully packing up the advanced technology they’ve found. HYDRA Reed Diamond (who is still so sexy even when he’s evil) calls one piece, “The answer to death itself.” Guess which one Agent Peggy Carter seals up tight after she blasts through a wall flanked by some of Cap’s old crew? She puts the tech in a box and labels it: 084. In present day, an ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent is selling the location of that 084 to Lucy Lawless aka Isabelle Hartley and her gang. A bulletproof HYDRA assassin ambushes them and Skye is forced to intervene, ruining Hartley’s undercover op. Coulson orders her to “go dark.”

Mr. Emma Frost and the Pheels: Returning to their base, the team is thrilled Director Coulson is actually in his office but he only wants to see May (I squee like a proper fangirl). It seems Coulson is supposed to be checking in with his BFF every few days but instead has been running himself ragged recruiting new agents all over the world and roughing it by flying economy. “You’re the man in charge but I’m in charge of you,” she reminds him. (Again, I squee!). May reluctantly agrees to trust Hartley and her mercenaries, even after Coulson expresses half horror, half reverence upon seeing the photo of the 084 box. Elsewhere, the bulletproof man returns to his hideout and video messages with HYDRA. They’ve rewarded his work with a rare diamond, which he absorbs and uses to coat his body in diamond a la Emma Frost only cooler.

Fixing Fitz: Skye and May chat about the pieces of metal the former recovered from the scene, hoping they’ll provide a lead. Simmons is trying to help Fitz get back into his science groove but he’s struggling. He keeps forgetting words (though Simmons helpfully keeps completing his sentences) and is clearly damaged by his near death experience at the end of last season. While explaining that he’s having trouble identifying the metal, it suddenly transforms into a chunk of flesh and starts oozing blood. The DNA matches a Carl Creel, who was recruited to HYDRA from John Garrett. Coulson politely orders Skye to get more info, which of course means talking to a heavily bearded and still oh so evil Ward.

SkyeWard- The Undergound Years: In an underground vault and with an invisible barrier keeping her safe, Skye asks Ward about Creel. He holds on the intel, preferring instead to talk about the ways he’s tried to kill himself since being imprisoned, including using very sharply folded paper to cut his wrists and repeatedly running into the wall. Skye is quickly fed up with him but before she can leave, Ward proves useful. HYDRA is probably giving Creel directions using the white noise between S.H.I.E.L.D. frequencies. Ward then swears everything he’ll tell her for the rest of his life will be true. “There is so much information I want to tell you about…” but she sound proofs the barrier, preventing her from hearing him finish with “your father.”

Buddies: While Talbot is out with his family, Coulson calls him to say he’s in danger but is brushed off. Creel attacks and May saves the General, then escapes before his military detail can take her in. Talbot is escorted away to safety, which turns out to be Coulson’s car. “Hi, again,” May greets him. “Son of a bitch,” he replies. Talbot’s men lock Creel in containment while Talbot is strapped to a chair in an interrogation room. Koenig is secretly taking Tablot fingerprints whenever he grips the chair and Fitz is jealous he’s not helping. Simmons reassures him he’s on the mend and he needs to be patient. Back in interrogation, Coulson breaks the bad news that Talbot’s people have taken Creel to the facility where they’re also keeping the 084 box. When Talbot still refuses to be helpful, Coulson stun guns him and the General wakes up in a car. He calls in orders, not knowing he’s actually speaking with Koenig who is capturing his voice.

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

General Trip and General Coulson: Creel breaks out with little fuss just as Coulson’s team is arriving at the facility. Thanks to Trip in a general’s uniform, a little computer hacking by Skye, and voice technology making Coulson sound like Talbot, they’re admitted. Hartley finds the 084 and stupidly opens the box. Creel attacks her and she decides to grab the metal device inside for help. Instantly, she crumples to the ground, her hand and arm turning burnt black. Creel backs away in horror as the rest of the team arrives. Hartley can’t let go of the 084 but she manages to get up. Hartley and Hunter stagger out and into the car. She has him cut off her arm so she has a chance at surviving, which seems to work. Then a cement Creel causes them to crash and Hartley dies anyway. Hunter plays dead while Creel rubberizes his hand and takes the 084 out of Hartley’s amputated, blackened hand.

The Problem with Fitz: Trip, May, and Skye follow Coulson’s order for a second objective. May takes a motorcycle and Trip and Skye take a quinjet from the military compound. They’ll need the jet especially because Fitz’s work on the cloaking device for the Bus isn’t progressing. We find out that not only is Fitz not improving, he’s getting much worse…ever since Simmons left. Months ago. Now he’s just hallucinating her. And that shattering sound is the hearts of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans everywhere breaking for FitzSimmons.

A New Enemy: HYDRA secret base. Creel contact reports he has the 084. A still very good looking Reed Diamond, I mean, Dr. Whitehall is very pleased. He’s been waiting a long time for this.

Field Notes

Agent Carter to Dr. Whitehall: “They’ll be relocated and hidden out of sight. As will you.” Can her show premiere already? (Not until January 2015. Boo!)

“Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?” is possibly the creepiest thing Ward has said or done yet. I love it!

Coulson on the phone with a soldier while pretending to be Talbot: “Next time you see me, come shake my hand. Talbot out.”

“Honeycomb kill case”- Talbot description of Coulson’s interrogation room. Heh.

Trip and Skye argue about Koenig and his brothers, hinting that maybe they’re clones. I’m totally okay with this.

In the comics, Dr. Whitehall is the Kraken, a modern HYDRA operative. How long before “release the Kraken” makes it way into an episode?

My post-episode text conversation with Emmy Rivera consisted of tears about FitzSimmons and this:

Emmy- “Those Phillinda scenes though…”

Me- “Oh. My. A-God. Just make out already!”


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Credit: Tumblr
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