Quick List: Why Once Upon a Time needs Jefferson back

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With the new season of Once Upon A Time fast approaching, it’s only fair that myself and fellow SebStanner Adrienne give you our top 5 reasons why Once Upon A Time needs Jefferson back. So everyone take a seat, grab a cup of tea and read the many reasons why we think Jefferson needs to make a rapid return to Storybrooke.


Come on, guys: I can’t be the only one who was unhappy with the way Jefferson’s story ended… if you can call that an ending!

He just disappeared! What exactly happened to Grace’s mother that made him leave his business with Rumpelstiltskin? What happened to Grace after he got stuck in Wonderland? What was his life like in Wonderland?! We know he went mad trying to make another magic hat, but is that really all he did while in Wonderland?

And in Storybrooke, after he and Grace reunite… I’d like to think they lived a happy life but I still want to know if Mr. Gold or Regina had some sort of revenge planned. After all, Jefferson let Belle free from Regina’s imprisonment and well, Regina is Regina… you can’t just mess with her and not suffer the consequences!

This father-and-daughter reunion and what could have happened afterwards, takes us to our next point…

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4. Jefferson and Grace

If you’re like me, you cried your little heart out when Jefferson was finally reunited with his beloved daughter, Grace. Sadly, we never really got to see how they live in Storybrooke together now. After the curse is lifted and the pair are reunited, surely Grace would have some questions as to why her Papa left her in the first place? Or would the once united pair try to move on from the past and focus on their future together in our world?

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It can’t be a Sebastian Stan role without a bit (or a lot) of sass in it. After all, Mr. Stan himself is a sass-master!

I believe this is the main reason why Jefferson won my heart: I’m a sucker for sassy men.

Anyway, the point is that Jefferson kept his sass in both Storybrooke and the magical world. How could we possibly forget that scene from his first episode, where he closes the door in the most fabulous way possible? Or the way he stared at Victor Frankenstein while he was trying to bring Regina’s biggest love back to life? And please let’s not forget all the clever replies he had for… well, everyone.

I feel his facial expressions, particularly in his last episode, deserve a special mention. They make the ultimate reaction gifs and I am pretty sure those faces are 50% Sebastian and 50% Jefferson.

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2. Jefferson’s Backstory:

Since we’ve spoken about not having closure for Jefferson, it’s only fair that I mention the lack of back story for the character.

In my opinion, Jefferson is one of the most interesting characters on the show. His origins are still unknown; when we first meet Jefferson he is poor, and also father to Grace. But how did he come to be that way? There are many questions about Jefferson’s past. For instance; who is Grace’s Mother? We know that Jefferson is a devoted father (see point 4) and there was a reference to Grace’s mother in the series, but we never find out who she was and what actually happened to her. We all have our own theories about Jefferson and somewhere along the line, we would all love some answers.

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1. Because it’s Sebastian Stan!

Alright, so this might sound like a slight cop-out point but we truly believe that without Sebastian Stan in the role, Jefferson wouldn’t be the fan favourite that he is.

With Sebastian’s talent and personality shining through while he plays Jefferson, it’s hard to imagine anyone playing the character. I’ve heard many people asking “Why don’t they just recast Jefferson?”, well let me ask you something: How can you find someone who could pull at the heartstrings of fans and then make us laugh with his sass, quite like Sebastian Stan? Answer: you can’t.

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What we are trying to say with all these points is: we need (or demand?) Jefferson back in Once Upon a Time! And we could give you a lot more reasons why he needs to come back, but we believe these five points are more than enough.

Can we talk to the producers and explain all our reasons? It’s for science.

Sadly, there are zero to no possibilities of Jefferson coming back due to Sebastian’s busy schedule (and like we explained on #1: only Sebastian can portray Jefferson), but hey: this is what we have fan fiction for!

Would you like to see Jefferson/Mad Hatter back in Once Upon a Time? Share your feelings with us!