Night Two Of The Blinds On ‘The Voice’ Season Seven Gets Competitive

Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

Welcome back one and all to the second night of Blind Auditions on The Voice.

Now, we’ve only had one episode with new coaches Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani and I gotta say I freaking love the two additions to the coaching pool. Pharrell is smooth as hell and very passionate to boot. He just comes off very charismatic and cool at the front. Gwen is just so effortless and flawless. Do you hear me? Gwen is flaw-less. She will put up with no bullshit. With the way she shuts down her male counterparts, you can tell she is a mama of three and will take no shit from anyone.

I also love their relationship. I think they’re hella awesome.

Of course Adam and Blake are still on fine form. Though the more I watch Blake Shelton, the more I see him as the dorky dad of the group. I really hope he uses the word “boo” again. It made me so happy last night.

So before we start this recap, let us see where all of the teams are.





“Big White Room” sung by DaNica Shirey: A twenty-five year old mother from Pennsylvania, she once sang on the stage of the Apollo. She recorded a five-song demo, but it didn’t go anywhere. Her dad, one of her biggest supporters, died a few years back and it devastated her. Adorable kid alert! She has a four-year-old little girl and wants to do this for her. The family is super cute. You know these songs are really cool this season. I haven’t heard most of them before. I like her voice alright. It’s very clear but she drops down a bit too much. Adam turns around first. Then after a few more moments, Pharrell and Gwen join him. Adam is angry at Blake for not turning around. Adam thinks her voice is amazingly talented. Gwen wants to know what she wants out of this. She wants to add more to the package then her voice. Pharrell says that she is like a snake charmer and talks about specific moments in the song. Pharrell says that Adam is fit but he is so scrawny he knows what to do with the voice. Blake throws his support behind Pharrell. DaNica picks TEAM PHARRELL! 

“Lego House” sung by Joe Kirk: He is from Nashville. His parents divorced when he was one but they were friends. After his mother got a job singing in South Carolina, the family moved together. The whole family moved to Nashville after his brother went there to pursue a singing career. He wants to make his mom proud of him since she quit her own singing job. Adam and Gwen turn instantly. Followed by Blake and Pharrell. I prefer the original version to this one. His voice just sounds breathy. I don’t understand why the four-chair turn, but he’s pretty harmless. Blake starts in on the Nashville connection. Pharrell calls him out on it and tells him that he is a Voice Jedi. Blake breaks out the parody of Pharrell’s big hat. Adam said that he admired the confidence he had in performing. Gwen loves his rhythm and wants him to be looser. Pharrell loves his vibrato and thinks he is a beast but wants to hear his story more. I am still confused as to what he did to rate four-chairs. He goes with TEAM ADAM! 

“Santeria” sung by Menlik Zergabachew: His parents immigrated from Ethiopia and instilled in him and his siblings a work ethic. He fell in love with music and dropped out of high school to start a reggae band. His parents weren’t too happy about this, but he wants to show them that this is good move for him. He needs this to happen because he has no back-up plan. OHMYGOD I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! He has a great tone for reggae. And he has waaay more personality then Joe Kirk. Blake turns around first for him, which is a surprise. I’m grooving to this. He sounds great. GWEN YOU KNOW SOME STUFF ABOUT REGGAE! NO DOUBT HAS SOME REGGAE INFLUENCE! Why the hell aren’t you turning around?! THANK YOU! Gwen thinks he’s adorable. She mentioned that she loves his style and his voice. It competed with Sublime’s original. Adam and Pharrell tell him to go with Gwen. Blake talked about hitting his button and resigns himself for it going to Gwen. God Menlik is so hot. Gwen shows him the t-shirt and Blake offers him booze. This is hilarious. He goes with TEAM GWEN! 

“Get Ready” sung by Jimi Milligan: He’s been a musician since he was thirteen. His dad was a huge influence in his life. His dad died when he nineteen. He’s on his second marriage, but is dedicated to all the children against. He wants to have his chance and be validated. His voice is decent, but nothing to write home about? I’m not really that impressed. I mean it’s good but not the best. Although I’m still surprised that Joe Kirk got picked over him. Although he is running out of breath for some of these runs. They’re about the same in my ears. Blake didn’t think that his performance was solid. Pharrell thinks he should have taken a few more chances. Gwen loved his moments when he got high and felt like the standard was really high. Adam wants him to be comfortable with the song, but also do different things with it.

“Give Me Love” sung by Regan James: Her parents are divorced, but her stepfather was a huge influence musically. She is fifteen but wants to try her path now. Her parents are hugely supportive because this is her path. Currently, she thinks she would want to go with Pharrell. Oh dear. I love “Give Me Love”. It’s one of my favorite songs of all time. She does have a nice breathy tone to her voice but it crosses the line in some parts. Blake and Gwen turn around immediately. For fifteen, she has a very great voice. It needs some tweaking though, but better then some of the older contestants on the show. Gwen thinks that her control is a god given gift. Blake loves her voice and wants a chance to work with her special voice. Pharrell looks disappointed when she says her genre is R&B. Blake has worked with young people and he has done R&B in the past. Gwen has done R&B with Pharrell. She goes with TEAM BLAKE! 

“Sweater Weather” sung by Taylor Phelan: An indie rocker from Texas, he left the band after his daughter was born. He and his wife started a graphic design business. Their daughter is adorable and super cute. His wife wants him to get back into music. All of the coaches pretty much turn as one. The beginning is good but damn when the band joins in, it’s a million times better. He has a really great vocal indie rocker kind of vibe. Adam, Gwen, and Pharrell give him a standing ovation. Adam loves that he did not notice what happened and his happy feet. Gwen felt like she was at a festival. She thinks that their band experience would compliment each other. Pharrell loves that guitar was part of his body and loves his melodic articulation. Blake thinks that he is kind of like Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic and is just a plain great singer. He picks TEAM PHARRELL! 

“You’re The One That I Want” sung by Caitlin Luchia: She is a self described “quirky” and “awkward” person. In addition to singing and writing, she collects Pez dispensers. They are focusing more on Pez then the singing. Oh wait here we go. She stood out in choir and being told by her teachers took it personality. This is actually a really cool twist on the song. But her voice is too breathy and in places it sounds like the song is getting away from her. There is also an issue or two with pitch. Gwen loved her pretty voice. Pharrell liked her tone and wanted to see more from the song. Adam heard a battle of identity and influences in her voice. Blake liked her voice a lot and some stylistic choices threw him off.

“Chain of Fools” sung by Sugar Joans: Her dad was a background singer. He had a successful career in music and is an inspiration to his daughter. She is singing an R&B standard, taking after her father. She just really wants to pursue music full time and feels like this is the start of something great. She wants to do this on her. DAMN! She just starts with a musical punch in the face and keeps working it. Blake is encouraging Pharrell to turn around. God she is vamping it up in the best way. WHY IS NO ONE TURNING?! WHAT THE FUCK?! Last minute Blake and Gwen turn around! You made that poor girl sweat it out. Gwen and Blake think that she has a perfect voice and has an awesome name. Pharrell is upset with himself tonight. Blake thinks she has the most unique and one of his favorite voices ever. He loves her slow vibrato. Pharrell is so mad that he didn’t turn around. Gwen thinks her soul singer vibe is impressive. She wants to work on the perfection of vocals and personality. Blake wants to do “Me and Mrs. Jones” with her so badly. He also wants to make sugar puns. She goes with TEAM GWEN! 

“You Ain’t Woman Enough” sung by Taylor Brashears: She works at a food truck with her brother. While she does love the food truck, music is her passion. Her gateway was playing the fiddle, but her voice was excellent. She has a band, but wants to put everything into her music. Almost as one the other coaches look at Blake. She does have that country voice. I can hear the twang. Now I don’t know country that well but I enjoy her voice. She has some interesting hitches in it. It’s strong. Adam and Pharrell turn first. Girl is making her point clear. Last minute, Blake turns and Adam immediately hates his life. Adam tells her to break the mold and come with him. Pharrell loves her tone and wants to learn about her genre. He also loves her swagger on stage. YES! IT WAS A LORETTA LYNN SONG! Blake said that he was taking it all in and giving the song due attention. Blake wants her on his team because if she wants to know country then he will show her country. She picks TEAM BLAKE! 

“Everybody Wants To Rule The World” sung by Andy Cherry: He got his start singing in church. He would also work at a coffee shop and met his wife there. He got a Christian record deal and did not stay true to his vision. He was let go from his record deal after sales were disappointing. His wife supported him and encouraged him. Yeah. I don’t dig his voice that much. He does a lot of weird stylistic things that annoy me. Plus his nerves are also showing a bit. Blake said that in some areas he lacked control and thought it was overly dramatic. Gwen felt his playing with the melody was not good. She likes his voice though. Adam thought his voice was a bit lost in the song. Pharrell respects that he did what he did.

“Stay With Me” sung by Maiya Sykes: Her mom was a background singer and her father is a instrument person. Education was important to her family. Her mother worked three jobs so she could go to Yale where she triple majored. Initially, she wanted to be a lawyer, but her mother told her to follow her passion. After her mother lost her job, she has been doing the financial lifting for both of them. After two decades of being a professional singer, she wants to be in the spotlight. At the same exact time, all four coaches turn around. And oh damn. She deserves it. She has just such an amazingly beautiful lush voice. Holy shit. It’s simply gorgeous. God she is singing this much better then Sam Smith himself. Pharrell just stands in awe of her. Blake said that she made his day. He thinks she can win the show. Pharrell loves the conviction in her voice and could hear the story in her voice. He could hear the influences in her voice and wants to amplify her more. Gwen thinks wherever she goes she could be fantastic and wants to bring out her uniqueness. Adam wants to push her and get her to grow as a singer. He doesn’t want to take her talent for granted. Pharrell wants to push her ambitions instead of his own on her. Gwen goes the fashion card more and Pharrell thinks she is her own brand. Blake says he has “three trophies and a damn credit card I’ll buy you some damn clothes”. BEST LINE EVER. Pharrell thinks she can get her own trophy. She picks TEAM PHARRELL!

And that’s it for this week! See you next Monday!

Bec Heim