Moving On Is A Struggle In New Vampire Diaries Trailer


Season six of The Vampire Diaries is now just mere weeks away! Can you feel the excitement building in your fangs? A second trailer has now been released by the CW, which builds on the first promo, but with an added 30 seconds worth of footage! You can check it out here:

Once again, the clip opens with Nina Dobrev’s Elena reminiscing on the “adventure” and “passion” she shared with Damon, and the downward spiral she has been on since losing him at the end of season five. She’s been taking drugs provided by witch Luke, which allow her to see visions of Damon, as well as feeding on people (with Caroline being the voice of outraged reason).

Stefan, on the other hand, seems pretty emotionless (has he flipped the switch?), and has left town without saying goodbye, finding himself a new bed buddy!  This encourages Elena to say goodbye.

The teaser also confirms that four months on Mystic Falls remains humans only, but something is attacking campers – clearly not a vampire! Will the gang come to the town’s rescue?

Other treats in the clip include a sneak peak of Jeremy Gilbert, newly human Tyler Lockwood, and back from the dead Alaric Saltzman, although there was surprisingly little mention of Bonnie Bennett, who was with Damon when The Other Side collapsed.

The Vampire Diaries returns to the CW Thursday, October 2, and these teasers have got me intrigued and excited to return to Mystic Falls next month!