James Gunn Leads Dragon Con Crowd in the Art of “Grooting”

Photo: Dragon Con TV
Photo: Dragon Con TV

It has been a month since Guardians of the Galaxy was released and we still can’t get over its awesomeness. From the space scenarios, to the characters, to the humour, to a particularly cute baby Groot dancing to Jackson 5 “I Want You Back”, the world is still, well… hooked on a feeling (sorry, I had to!).

Guardians director James Gunn and his brother Sean (Kraglin on the film) attended Dragon Con this weekend and following the ‘Grooting’ trend, James led a huge session of Grooting with a group of cosplayers.

Grooting: the act of dancing like baby Groot.

“You know what the real grooting is though. The cool way to do this is if I’m standing here minding my own business, maybe my brother Sean can come up with me, and then everyone groots behind me. And then when I turn around they have to stop”, Gunn said.

He added: “I think we can do the biggest grooting in the history of… I don’t know if there’s a Guinness Book of World Records category for grooting. But this could be the biggest”.

Well, if there are incredibly absurd categories on the Guinness Book, I’m pretty sure they can make room for something as cute as grooting!

Just as a friendly reminder: James Gunn is the dance master behind baby Groot’s moves, so these people pretty much learned from the pro.

Let me just point out the Super shirt Sean is wearing. You gotta love how these brothers support each other!

Guardians of the Galaxy is still in theatres, in case you need another dose of space greatness and Grooting!

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