It’s a “Renaissance” In The First Episode Back of ‘Revenge’

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The premiere of this season of Revenge has hinted at some serious changes to the nature of the show and, well, we love them. Revenge’s fourth season picks up six months after the events of the jaw-dropping finale, changing the shows common flash-forward. This change of pace is not the only thing different about Revenge this year. Additionally, this time around Victoria Grayson is narrating her plot for revenge, and she’s doing it from her bed in that mental asylum Emily stuck her in.

Yeah, there’s a lot to take in.

Six months after Victoria was committed, after Jack was taken into questioning, and after Daniel’s mishap and Nolan’s new business opportunities, things seem to have changed a lot for all our favourite (and not so favourite) Hamptonites. Emily has purchased Grayson Manor, which for whatever reason we did not see coming. Nolan also seems to be doing well, and is sporting a new hair cut which makes him look that much more fabulous. Speaking of fabulous, his entry to Emily’s home coming party was perfect. PERFECT!

Moving on to less happy things: the state of Charlotte and Jack’s relationship.

Although Jack seems to be making a major positive change in his life by becoming a cop (that uniform though), it seems nothing he can do will repair his relationship with Charlotte. From the looks of it, the younger Grayson needs a lot of repairing as she has now gotten cozy with Gideon and is back on the drug wagon. Oh, and Margaux is kind of in the background with a questionable new hair cut.

Seriously though, can someone fix Charlotte? We like it better when she is well dressed and sassy, not impressionable and naive. We hate to say it but, since it’s clear Daniel is in no position to really help Charlotte, Victoria would be the best person to knock some sense into her. Unfortunately, Victoria is too busy being best friends with Marge Simpson/the mother from That 70’s Show.

Every scene in these episode that takes place in the mental institution is ace. Tensions are high, and Victoria is seriously pulling out all the stops to get herself out. Let it be known that viewers need not wait long for Victoria to find a way out, but you have to watch it yourself to fully appreciate Victoria’s escape.

Just when we think things haven’t gotten crazier between Emily’s questionable actions and Victoria’s escape, David shows up to reveal himself to his first major character (excluding the deceased Conrad) and it’s Queen Grayson herself. We are dying to see Victoria’s reaction to David’s resurrection and to see just how long it takes for him to reveal himself to Emily. Personally, we’d like to see him unveil himself to Nolan first.

P.S: Can we get more of Jack’s new friend? We really like him. A lot. He has a nice face.

NOLANISM OF THE NIGHT: Are we making up, or breaking up?

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues