Is That You, Ms. Pope? ABC Releases New ‘Scandal’ Teaser With Some Serious Shade

Credit: Tumblr
Credit: Tumblr

Time to suit up, Gladiators! Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and crew are ready to handle us!

When we last saw Olivia Pope and company, things were turned completely upside for fans. Olivia quit her job and got the hell out of dodge with cutie Jack Ballard by her side, leaving fans wondering what in the world would season four bring them.

Besides Olivia leaving everything behind, Scandal rocked fans to the core in the finale by revealing that Papa Pope was behind all the evil of season three, leaving the fates of many up in the air.

The summer hiatus is almost over, and ABC has granted fans’ wishes by releasing a teaser trailer for the upcoming season. The trailer itself doesn’t reveal much about what is coming up but it should make diehard Gladiators happy for their beloved Ms. Pope, wherever in the world she may be, has her favorite beverage choice with her.

With last season being one hell of a roller coaster ride , with jaw dropping twists as we lost some fan favorites (RIP James), and our hearts seemed to keep breaking over and over again, it’s kinda refreshing to see Olivia looking so relaxed for once.

Wonder how long it will last?

Be sure to stack up on your red wine bottles. Scandal returns the tube on September 25 on ABC at a new time 9 pm et/8pm ct.

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