Haters be Damned! Mindy and Danny are Back and Better Than Ever!

Photo: FOX
Photo: FOX

Tonight marks the return of my favorite show, The Mindy Project. The season opener DID NOT disappoint, for a majority of reasons. “We’re a Couple now, haters” picks up a few months after last season’s finale and focuses on where Mindy and Danny are in their new relationship.

What you need to know:

Mindy and Danny are out as a couple and it seems everything is going well until Peter asks Danny for some advice, oral advice to be exact. Apparently Danny is like a thirsty camel at a desert oasis… Danny is appalled and tells Mindy the only way they’ll work is if she keeps her mouth shut. Relationships are all about compromise aren’t they?

Also having relationship trouble is Peter. He is unable to satisfy Lauren in the bedroom and it’s really weighing heavily on the young doctor. It seems that maybe she’s getting a little frustrated because Danny catches her enjoying a nice little back rub from Reed after hours one night. Making Mindy swear she’ll keep her mouth shut he tells her what he saw. She’s proud of his gossiping and while looking for a tee to wear to bed she stumbles upon a bright pink thong studded with the word ‘Diamond’. Danny instantaneous shuts down.

Peter asks her help the following day on picking out a gift for Lauren. It takes everything Mindy has not to reveal what Danny told her. She also manages to keep her mouth shut about the thong, but Peter sees it in her hands and inquires why she is carrying around a stripper thong. Panicked she turns to Google to get to the bottom of things.

Morgan catches her googling strippers and points out that it’s a male thong, not a woman’s. With one click she reveals that Danny, or Diamond Dan, was a male stripper in his younger days. She then tells Morgan about Reed and Lauren.

News travels fast and Danny is enraged that Mindy couldn’t keep her mouth shut. When he confronts her she brings up his past and he immediately goes on the defense. The new couple has their first fight.

Meanwhile, Morgan’s cousin Lou drops the bomb that Lauren and Reed are boinking to Peter and that’s when all hell breaks loose. Peter confronts Lauren and she admits that they kissed. Peter then punches Reed and the two set out to win Lauren over.

Morgan and Lou go to give Danny a pep-talk and interrupt him playing “Let it Go” on the Piano (seriously, I love Danny) and remind him the truth will set him free. Inspired he goes to Mindy’s and comes clean. He was a stripper, it paid for med school, and his mother’s house. Mindy admits she tells people all about their relationship because it makes it real and she’s so afraid it’s not. The two have a moment and continue to be my favorite couple ever.

Memorable Quotes:

There were so many!! Here are my LOL worthy Moments all brought to you by Dr. L herself:

“I am finally happily dating the man of my dreams, a devote catholic divorcee with some serious dad issues which, for a single 30 something woman, is not too shabby.”

“What is a relationship if you’re not doing things you hate in between sex sessions.”

“Why do you have so many secrets?! You’re an OBGYN not Batman!”

Bonus Moment:

Christ Messina’s stripper routine was really the highlight of the episode… They should totally cast him in Magic Mike 2…