Fincher And Ellroy To Team Up As New HBO Crime Noir Series In The Works?

Credit: Collider
Credit: Collider

It appears David Fincher is heading to the crime scene in 1950s L.A!

Oscar-nominated Fincher has seemingly been circling a crime noir mini-series for some time, especially shown in what he supposedly envisioned for the adaptation of James Ellroy’s The Black Dahlia until the project fell through.

Fincher and Ellroy are now said to be talking to HBO about the possibility of a crime noir show set in 1950s L.A, a la Ellroy’s L.A. Confidential, although no deal is currently in place according to Indiewire. Due to this, details are of course scarce, other than the fact that these discussions are taking place.

The director and author have proved in the past to be a very like-minded pair, and so a new series from the two has the potential to be utterly mind-blowing.

Fincher himself currently has a lot of work going on in TV rather than the silver screen (with the exception of Gone Girl, due at the start of next month) and especially, and encouragingly with HBO! Best known as director of Se7en, The Social Network and Fight Club, Fincher is now working on series’ including Utopia and Mind Hunter. Lets hope he can soon add this new show to the list!