Downton Abbey Series 5: Our Wishlist

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Series 5 of Downton Abbey is so tantalisingly close I can almost taste it! As the excitement builds here at 4YE towers, we got to thinking about what we’re hoping to see on our screens this series, what our hopes for our favourite characters are, and what some of our…ahem, shallower expectations may be. So without further ado, here is 4YE’s Downton wish list.

Anna Bates Finds Happiness

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Yes, we all know she has her beloved Mr. Bates, who will do (literally) anything for her, but such an awful tragedy befell Anna last series that it is sure to take a long time for her to get over it. Here’s hoping series five sees her getting the support she needs to overcome the awful event and moving past this to find her true happiness.

Mary makes her choice

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Anyone, someone. The gay footman for all I care, or Isis the dog. I don’t mean that, of course, but I would like to see poor old Lord Gillingham and Charles Blake put out of their misery. Somehow I suspect Lady Mary’s dithering will be the focal point for a lot for the season, with the conclusion possibly not coming until the Christmas special, but goodness, that girl needs to make her choice. Here’s hoping she opts for Charles Blake!

Thomas Barrow Finds Love

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I know it was illegal back then, and I know we heard Carson telling poor Barrow that his attraction to the same sex was immoral, but I would like to see Thomas find someone to make him happy. Not only would a clandestine relationship make great viewing, but Rob James Collier would act the storyline to perfection, as he does with all he gets given. He was sadly underused last series, especially after his sterling performance in series two and three and I would like to see more of Thomas’ sensitive side. He does have one, honest.

Carson and Mrs Hughes Become An OTP

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My heart! I loved the staff trip to the seaside at the end of series 4, when we saw the adorable delight that was Carson and Mrs Hughes holding hands as they paddled in the sea. We all know Carson is a giant softie underneath that gruff exterior; just look at the way Lady Mary has him wrapped around her little finger. Mrs Hughes, a kind but no-nonsense sort of a woman, deserves to find love, and she might be the key to making Carson whistle happily as he polishes the silver.

Edith Finds Her Path

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Poor old Edith. My heart still breaks to think of her standing at the altar, waiting so happily to get married, and then Anthony Strallen jilted her. I was happy she found love with Michael Gregson, but then he disappeared and she was left with an illegitimate daughter which she gave to the pig farmer.

I adore watching the sensational Laura Carmichael, particularly in her scenes with Maggie Smith, and I really hope the Dowager Countess will be the one to help Edith through her dark spell and out into the light.

More George Crawley and Sybbie Branson

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They were born, we had a few scenes of Tom and Lady Mary in the nursery with the children and then that was it. Come on, Downton! I want to see the parents and grandparents interact with their offspring! I want to be able to judge Mary’s mothering skills. How does Edith manage, seeing her niece and nephew every day while her own daughter resides down the road? Also, for my own gratification, I want to see the Earl of Grantham bouncing his grandchildren on his knee. Cute.

Feisty New Characters

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We know we have some big names to look forward to this series, with Sue Johnston joining as Danker, the Dowager Countess’ new lady’s maid, Anna Chancellor stepping out as Lady Anstruther and the delectable Richard E. Grant, who will doubtless wow us all as art historian Simon Bricker. I want to see these characters cause havoc, to shake things up and bring plenty of drama, excitement and intrigue to the proceedings.

More of The Dowager Countess

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Particularly her killer one liners but really, Dame Maggie Smith as Violet Crawley is magic on my screen. Yes, she is hilarious but gosh, she does the drama so well too. So wonderfully watchable, so engaging and entertaining; it has been said the Countess has major storylines this series and I cannot wait.

And Finally….

More of Isis

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I love that dog.