Did SPOILER Really Die In Last Night’s Graceland Finale?

Credit: USA Network
Credit: USA Network

Season two of USA Network’s breakout summer hit Graceland aired last night, and the closing minutes left even the cast reeling from the massive cliffhanger.

WARNING – this article contains spoilers that some readers may want to avoid.

Yes, that really just happened – but did Aaron Tveit’s Mike Warren really bite the dust? After Paige’s betrayal allowed corrupt cop Sid (Carmine Giovanazzo) to find a shot-Mike vulnerable in his hospital room, he succeeded in cutting off the FBI agent’s air supply, leaving him flat-lining and supposedly dead. But stranger things have happened, could Mike have been resuscitated in the hospital?

It doesn’t look promising Gracelanders, as show runner Jeff Eastin told TVGuide, “I’m not supposed to say officially yes or no, but I’ll just say he looks pretty dead to me,” before going on to explain, “The things that Mike did for whatever purpose were ultimately bad things and he pays, in this case, the ultimate price for those decisions.”

Eastin went on to discuss other aspects of the finale, saying, “I figured the less closure there was, the better chance we’d get a Season 3,” referencing ongoing storylines including Johnny’s relationship with Carlito and Lucia Solano, as well as Charlie’s pregnancy and that ever-present tape incriminating Briggs from season one. Eastin confirmed, “USA never really pushed us to close out the story lines,” and so he is confident about a third season pick-up. He also told EW that the truth about Briggs, the tape, and his alter-ego Odin Rossi, “will come out, but, by that point, there will be so many more bigger issues, it will become somewhat irrelevant.”

If Graceland were to be renewed, Eastin also revealed we can expect Paige’s regret for betraying Mike to play a big part in the season, and, as for Charlie’s pregnancy, Eastin explained, “Let’s put it this way: She hasn’t lost the baby yet.”

What we can mostly expect from season three, however, can be summed up in Sid’s last lines of last night’s episode, entitled ‘Faith 7’, in which he confirms “I know all of your roommates” and threatens the lives of the residents of the Graceland house.

After what, for me, was a disappointing run when compared to the first season, I’m already feeling dubious about a season three, and especially without main character Mike, played by heartthrob Aaron Tveit whose successful background in film and theatre brought in a large portion of the audience. It’s a huge risk for Eastin to take. Will it pay off? Only time will tell.

As previously mentioned, Graceland is yet to be renewed for a third outing, but stay tuned to 4YE, and we will bring you any news as we get it!