Could Rihanna Be Apppearing In the Next Bond Film?

Credit: Huffington Post


Rihanna could be appearing in Bond 24, according to The Sunday Mirror. The singer has apparently been approached to star alongside Daniel Craig in the upcoming movie, which will be the 24th in the popular franchise.

Bond 24 is expected to begin filming on December 6, ready for release in November 2015. Bond 24 isn’t the movie’s real title by the way, but a really, really clever code name. The movie will be directed by Sam Mendes, and it will be Craig’s forth outing as the spy, not that we are complaining one bit. The script for the movie has recently been rewritten by Neil Purvis and Robert Wade, who are both long time writers for the franchise.

There is no conformation of which role producers might have in mind for Rihanna, which basically means the floor is wide open for us to speculate as we see fit. Will she be a proper, classic Bond Girl? Maybe she will be better suited to an undercover villain role, as she is quite feisty. Oh, maybe she will be the replacement for M? Yes, that must be it.

Can Rihanna even act? Well, apparently this wouldn’t be her first foray into the acting world. The singer also played a role in 2012’s Battleship, and voiced a character in the animated tale, Home. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of either of those, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? And there’s no way the producers of Bond would hire someone based on looks alone, is there?