Competition Gets Fierce On Night Three of ‘The Voice’ Season Seven Blind Auditions

Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

The Blind Auditions continue on the third night of The Voice! And yes, after an explosive two-night premiere, The Voice continues to give us the talent.

So far, I have to say that the dynamic this season has been one of my favorites so far – I love the energy that Gwen and Pharrell are both bringing to the coaching chair this season…especially since Pharrell seems to be giving Adam a run for his money in snapping up those four-chair turns.

It’s insanely amusing for me to watch.

So let us see where are coaches stand in the counts for artists on their teams!





“Sweat Pea” sung by John Martin: He works in a warehouse, and when he isn’t working he’s playing bars. He got his start in church with his dad. He dropped out of college when his dad lost his job. Gosh he’s pretty… and WHISTLING! I love when they start off a song with whistling! I have never heard this song before, but I like it. He has a really good voice and the personality to match. Blake turns first followed by Gwen and Pharrell. This is a kick-ass song; it’s super light and mellow. Blake immediately calls him attractive and likes his cool and laid-back vibe, Pharrell picks out his favorite moment in the song that established his identity for him, and Gwen asks about his job and thought his performance was delicious with a creamy tone (she wants real people). Adam puts his support behind Blake and Blake calls Adam his boo.

Hot John picks TEAM BLAKE!

“The Story” sung by Jessie Pitts: She was homeschooled in a barn with her family and an accident as a child burned her face badly, despite this she was a happy kid. As she recovered she gained confidence through performance. After going to school in Nashville, she got a job at a record label. Gwen and Blake turn around almost immediately. She has a very light and delicate voice, it’s definitely meant for indie songs. Her whole personality gives a very singer-songwriter vibe. Gwen loved her voice with her as she “whittled” her notes and Pharrell loved her yodelling. Gwen wants to share her experience in finding herself. Blake shares that the song was his wedding song and he thinks her voice is like a voice of marshmallow only Lucky Charms.

She goes with TEAM GWEN!

“The Devil Went Down To Georgia” sung by Michael Stein: A cantor! Or someone who leads songs and hymns in the Jewish faith – I love him already. He’s written a country service? OHMYGOD I LOVE THIS GUY! I love that he has written all this stuff. He played the fiddle in the Navy band? That is so fucking awesome. HE’S SIXTY-TWO?! This is my favorite person ever to audition. WHY IS NOT ONE FUCKING TURNING?! He’s awesome! AGH! MY HEART! Blake wanted to see a bit more range in his voice, Pharrell wanted to sing better range as well and his fiddle, Gwen thought it was more chant-y, and Adam is just horrifically bummed that he didn’t see him play.

“Love Me Again” sung by Ricky Manning: He comes from a large, musical family of six siblings. He got into music in the third grade and sang a lot of Motown. He got into musical theatre in middle school and instead of going to college right away he decided to try music for a year. He currently lives with his Dad in New Jersey and plays around New York/New Jersey. Ricky knows this is not a career path for him, he needs to get serious if he doesn’t get on the show. He’s kind of generic. That’s the only thing I have written down on my notes. He’s generic. OHMYGOD PHARRELL WHY THE HELL DID YOU TURN AROUND? And now Blake has joined him. Ugh. God the generic guy gets on. Adam thinks he’s a young Joaquin Phoenix, Pharrell loved his consistent runs, Blake loved how invested he sounded while he was singing, and Gwen felt like he needs to do a little bit more and that he is a diamond in a rough. Pharrell heard him getting lost in that moment.

He goes with TEAM PHARRELL!

And now it is time for a montage of those not good/interesting enough to rate a full segment.

“Danny’s Song” sung by Kelli Douglas: She is a single mother who loves her son – a little extroverted guy who dances. Instead of pursuing music, she went to college and majored in corporate communication. She went on to teaching where she used music as a teaching tool. Kelli moved back in with her parents, who helped her with her career and raising her son. She wants to show her son that he can follow his dreams. Oh hello Bob Seger. I don’t like the hitches in her breath but other than that she has pretty nice voice. The breath hitches can be trained out. Adam turns around first. Gwen and Blake turn around last minute. I can hear the nerves, but she still has a lovely voice. Adam starts flirting with her and knows she needs to work on her nerves, Gwen liked how different she was with her song choice and thinks they can work on the technical moments, Pharrell thinks she would be a valuable choice due to her soulful, creamy voice, and Blake just loved her mysterious voice.

She goes with TEAM ADAM!

“Just The Two Of Us” sung by Blessing Ofor: A blind New York musician who has won awards for his music, which has been an escape and a rock for him. After an accident in his youth, he lost sight in his good eye. He went to school in Nashville. He wants to be an inspiration and wants to get someone with good song writing skills. Oh! He’s going old school! God he has a very smooth voice. Throughout the whole song, no chairs turn. Then at the absolute LAST FREAKING MINUTE four chairs! Gwen thinks that his voice reminds her of Pharrell’s. Pharrell calls her his boo. Gwen loved his confidence and his tone, and Adam said that they could feel the electricity in the room; he was half-step off but Adam liked the recovery. He just wants someone with passion. Pharrell wants to chart undiscovered real-estate with his voice. Blake wants to help him connect with the Nashville songwriting community.


“Out of My League” sung by Troy Ritchie: He’s just a soul who loves to entertain…he even did Family Guy impressions. Troy got into metal because he wanted to melt people’s faces off. He buses and plays at a restaurant. He also works with children and still wants to entertain. He never had a vocal lesson before, which is either good or bad. Wow for having no vocal lessons, he sounds really good. OHMYGOD THIS IS A FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS SONG! I love it. There is a lot of raw talent. Gwen turns around first. I’m really digging this. He has a lot of awesome energy. Adam is surprised by his look and Gwen wanted more guys for her teams and liked his seamless vocals – she knows male voices well. Pharrell enjoyed himself and had fun.

He goes to TEAM GWEN!

“Classic” sung by Cole Wilkinson: He has a lot of brothers and grew up on a farm. Currently, he goes to a performing arts school. He wants to give music a real shot as a kind of career path. Oh honey, you barely look old enough to shave. Why? Just so much no. I’m laughing. This is just…oh honey, no. He’s just too freaking young for this show right now. Blake thought he sounded school. Oh he’s shaking he’s so nervous! Blake thinks he’s an entertainer, Gwen wants to see what he was doing, and Adam thinks that he was too active in his performance and should use his full voice.

“Unconditionally” sung by Mia Pfirrman: She comes from a pair of musician parents. They left the lifestyle in order to raise their kids. Currently she goes to community college where a class lets her gig. She admits that she is still trying to figure herself out as an artist. I realize that she is going to get on. But God I don’t like her voice. She does those weird runs. Her hair flips are also super, super annoying. That was an impressive glory note. Plus I can hear the nerves in her voice. Adam and Blake turn around…followed by Pharrell and Gwen. Dammit. How does she rate a four chair turn? Blake doesn’t think there was a lot of finesse but was impressed with what she did. Adam said her spectacular moments were really spectacular, she needs more work though. Gwen wants to try a different song on her and see what happens; she wants to help her find herself. Pharrell likes how she focused on it and made it her one and only moment.

She goes with TEAM ADAM!




“It Ain’t Me Babe” sung by Bree Fondacaro: Her dad is a piano and vocal teacher. She helps his students in their lessons as well. She had been performing locally for eight years and she thinks this is her best shot. I don’t like hearing her take those big breaths. I think she’s holding the microphone too close to her face. Despite that, I kind of dig it. There are a lot of little things I enjoy. Blake turns! My country-loving friend did not dig it. Gwen admitted she was so close to turning and Adam thought it was different and he was a fan of it…he also calls Blake an awesome coach. Blake liked the rawness of her voice and compares her to Bonnie Tyler. He thinks that she fits perfectly on his team.

She goes to TEAM BLAKE!

“Turn Your Lights Down” sung by Anita Antoinette: She’s from season three. OhmyGod I remember her…she was really good. Anita admitted that it was disappointing not to make a team, she had been battling severe stage fright as a result of the experience. She went to Berkley College of Music and loves her mother. Immediately Blake and Gwen turn around. This is amazing. Much better then her first time around. She has a real ache to her voice. Adam and Pharrell turn around. She has a very lovely voice without doing all the tricks. OhmyGod this is so much better then her first audition. Blake and Adam recognize her. Gwen said she would have picked her then; she likes how heartfelt she was and how she owned it. Adam invokes Tessanne’s name. Gwen reminds them that Blake and Adam did not choose her. Pharrell wants to know what she wants in music, he wants to help develop her. Blake talks about the story-telling power of country music. Pharrell agrees that Blake is a great fit for that perspective. He does think she is an interesting artist and he wants her. Gwen thinks she blends a lot of styles.

She picks TEAM GWEN!

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