Chris Hemsworth Shows His Cyber Strength in Trailer for “Blackhat”

Photo: Universal Pictures
Photo: Universal Pictures

On a journey that takes us from Chicago, all the way to Hong Kong; new action thriller Blackhat, is leaving no expense spared.

One of our favourite stars Chris Hemsworth is back, this time playing a convict who is granted leave, in order to help American and Chinese authorities with their pursuit of a high-level cyber criminal.

The trailer for Blackhat is effective, playing in to our insecurities and fears regarding online security. What would happen if our identities, our money, our homes, everything we stand for was at risk? Directed and co-written by Michael Mann, Blackhat immerses us in to a storyline where all of these things are possible and in fact do happened in real life.  As the director responsible for films such Heat, and The Insider, Mann spent years to research for the film, looking at how we are now so dependent on technology, and how this could eventually cause many many problems.

As a convicted hacker, Hemsworth’s character Nicholas Hathaway is just the man to have a second chance at playing on the right side of the law, perhaps similar you could say to one of his famous characters, Thor.

With varying locations throughout the plot, Blackhat mixes culture to represent different technologies and types of action, keeping up the momentum and interest. A form of escapism, that also hits fairly close to home. The digital aspect of the film has a Matrix feel to it, however so much on location action looks like it could give any Bond film a run for its money.

Hemsworth is joined by an array of talent, including Oscar nominated Viola Davis, known for her work in The Help, and Enders Game, along with Fast & Furious actor John Ortiz.

Blackhat won’t be in cinemas until 2015, however with release dates of January 16 for the US, and February 20 for the UK, the wait will be over before we know it. I for one, am always glad to watch a bit of Mr Hemsworth on the big screen.