Alternative Ending to ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Leaked Ahead of Complete Series Boxset Release

Photo: CBS
Photo: CBS

There have been a number of series’ finales that have left a cold feeling in the hearts of fans. For some, the show (or studio) just didn’t know when it was time to quit and left the show to flounder and die a slow death. For others, it was a feeling of great dissatisfaction at the outcome and a general sense of “is that it?!” However, few shows have had such a violent outrage from both fans and critics alike, at least as far back as I can remember, as the series finale this past March of beloved comedy How I Met Your Mother.

In case you’ve already blocked, what many consider an atrocity, from your brain, check out our recap for a refresher. If you have yet to watch the finale, there be spoilers ahead.

Fans, including members of the 4YE team, were shocked and indignant when it was revealed that the mother of the title and Ted Mosby’s (Josh Radnor) wife had in fact died from a terminal illness. The long-suffering children who have had to listen to their father ramble on and on about how he met their mother, then proceeded to convince him that he still had feelings for their aunt Robin and that, if he chose to explore these feelings, they were giving him their blessing (I personally think they just wanted him to finally shut up so they could go off and do something fun). However, for those wanting a more satisfying ending, there appears to be hope in sight.

This weekend, an apparent alternative version of the finale has been leaked online and from the sound of things, it offers a more fitting conclusion to the series.

It is not news that two endings were filmed for the finale. On April 4, the show’s co-creator Carter Bays posted the following series of tweets alluding to the fact that there were two endings and promising the alternate finale would be included on the complete series DVD.

In the online video, the series ends not with Tracy McConnell dying, but the pair at a train station arguing over who owns a yellow umbrella. According to Mashable, CBS has not verified or commented on the leak, but the original posting on video sharing site Vimeo and subsequent copies on YouTube have been removed due to copyright infringement leading many to believe the video is legitimate.

Legitimate or not, we can all find out and see for sure when the How I Met Your Mother Complete Series boxset is released on September 23. If it’s true, hopefully this will appease the die-hard fans.

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