Alright Alright Alright: Magic Mike XXL Officially Enters Production

Credit: Tumblr
Credit: Tumblr

Ladies (and gents!) of Tampa, round two is beckoning!

Magic Mike XXL, the sequel to 2012’s Magic Mike, is officially in production, as confirmed by director of the original, Steven Soderbergh, on his twitter.

Although he will not direct XXL, Soderbergh will still work on the film as a cinematographer, editor, and camera operator, while his long-time colleague and right hand man Gregory Jacobs will take over in the director’s chair.

Since plans for the sequel were first announced, there has been huge speculation over the cast, and hopefully now that production has begun we will receive some firm confirmation!

At the moment, rumour has it Alex Pettyfer will NOT be returning due to a bad on-set relationship with star and writer Channing Tatum. As well as this, Matthew McConaughey’s new status as an Oscar winner has seemingly made him too expensive for the movie.

Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer, however, are both slated to reprise their roles.

Tatum is once again putting pen to paper to write the storyline for XXL, and will also star in what will apparently be “kind of a road trip film that leads to a stripper convention.”

As for new cast members, Taye Diggs has expressed interest in appearing, telling Wetpaint, “I have no idea. You’re just going to have to wait and see what happens. You know how these things are. It would be fun. I’m a big, big fan of Channing Tatum’s, and I love to dance, so we shall see.”

I have made no secret of my feelings towards the first Magic Mike – the plot had some serious serious issues, but the film made up for this in *ahem* other aspects. Despite my very low expectations when it comes to the quality of a sequel, I can guarantee I’ll be buying a ticket to see it when it hit cinemas July 3, 2015!

Zoe Ambrozewska

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