4YE Strictly Recap: Who Wowed Us With Their Waltz?



It was Strictly’s second night on the dance floor, with a whopping nine couples to entertain us. Hooray for the return of Claudia’s fringe and eyeliner!

So here we go with the rundown of the couples, our highly professional analysis and our 4YE score out of ten. It’s all you’ll ever need.

Mark and Karen

First up tonight was the cheeky chap from Essex and his partner Karen dancing the Cha-Cha. It was a great song choice, and his personality shone as brightly as his teeth. While he undoubtedly needs work, we thought he opened the show really well. Looking forward to seeing him in the ballroom dances. 4YE Score: 6


Alison and Aljaz

What a great partnership! Aljaz, as last year’s champion, needs a great celebrity to dance with, and Alison is definitely it. She is such fun! Alison loved every second of her Cha-Cha and therefore so did we. It helps that she has natural rhythm and ability. Wonderful. 4YE Score: 7


Steve and Ola

Ooh. We were very impressed here at 4YE. Craig mentioned a problem with his thumbs, but we can’t say we were really looking. He was right about one thing though; those muscles are a real distraction. The Tango definitely suited him, and for goodness sake, people, keep him in for Paso Doble week! Side note to Ola: someone keeps attacking your dresses with scissors, my darling. Week in, week out, they’re full of holes.  4YE Score: 7


Jennifer and Tristan

Dancing the Jive was never going to be Jennifer’s strong point now, was it? She’s tall for a start, and we know the Jive favours tall men and short women, but oh! Her posture made me weep. The choreography seemed a bit beyond her at times, which could well be a rookie mistake from Tristan. She was happy, but here at 4YE we were not. She may fare better in the ballroom. 4YE Score: 4


Thom and Iveta

We love Iveta here at 4YE towers. She is feisty, fun and not afraid to say what she thinks. Thom is…. Sorry, where were we? Ah yes, Thom. We have to confess to being a little bit in love; not just with Thom but with the pairing with Iveta too. They had wonderful chemistry; their waltz was beautiful and full credit to the singers who performed it wonderfully.

As with most sports stars that do Strictly, he’s struggling to immerse himself in the dance, meaning he could really struggle in the Latin. We’re hoping it will come though, because he could be exceptional. 4YE Score: 7


Sunetra and Brendan

It’s not that there was anything wrong with their Tango; in fact we thought she did surprisingly well. It’s more that there just wasn’t any real energy and pizzazz. It lacked personality, and that’s saying something when a dance involves Brendan Cole. We don’t think she will set the world ablaze. 4YE Score: 6


Gregg and Aliona

Oh dear. Gregg, we love you, we really do, but wow. Dancing is not your strong point. Neither is cooking really, but you do a fine job of watching John and eating what he creates. He could sell sand to the Arabs, but Gregg will never in a million years sell his Cha-Cha to Craig. Full marks to the judges for their food related puns, but for Gregg it’s a 4YE Score: 3


Frankie and Kevin

An utterly divine Waltz. We were mesmerised and captivated by the beauty of this couple together. Kevin is always a favourite, but Frankie, though nervous, has natural dance ability and shone like a brilliant diamond. We can’t wait to see them dance again. High marks from the judges, and high marks from us too. 4YE Score: 8


Simon and Kristina

Kristina is a hard taskmaster but boy does she get results. She’s landed a gem of a celebrity in Simon, who has excellent stage presence and a genuine desire to work hard and succeed. Their jive was brilliant. Fast paced, high energy and we loved every second of it, even if his footwork was a little flat. 4YE Score: 8


So there we have it. All our celebrities have now taken to the floor, and to quote a missing legend “didn’t they do well?” No one leaves this week, but bets are on for next week’s elimination. Here at 4YE we’re thinking Jennifer or Judy. Remember, people vote for who they know, so Scott will most likely be safe. He has a captive audience of moron’s listeners over on Radio 1 who will vote endlessly.

Massive congratulations to Tess and Claudia who are the new dynamic duo of Saturday night TV. Claudia is just comedy gold, and she really relaxes Tess, who hosts the judging panel excellently.

Click below to watch our 4YE after party! Side note: If you are ever expecting to see me in anything other than pyjamas for these things, you are sadly mistaken. Enjoy!