To New Orleans: The Originals Season Two Trailer Premieres At SDCC

Credit: TheOriginalsOnline
Credit: TheOriginalsOnline

San Diego Comic-Con. A weekend that reveals all that is good in the world of film and television. This year was no exception (make sure to check out all of our SDCC coverage here at 4YE!), and fans were treated to the ridiculously awesome first trailer for season two of CW breakout series, The Originals.

The video, which clocks in at just under four minutes, has teased so many plot points my head is already spinning, opening with Rebekah telling her baby niece Hope how they have arrived at this point. Looks like the show is coming good on it’s promise of Claire Holt’s return as the only female Mikaelson sibling!

The first thing to note is that Elijah hasn’t shaved and it’s definitely hot. But moving on to more pressing story lines, the Guerra wolves seem to have the current run of the city, and are still in possession of the rings that use Klaus as a power source for transition on the full moon, leaving him extremely vulnerable. As you can imagine, he’s none too pleased about that.

Elijah’s main concern, however, seems to be Hayley, who has now fully transitioned into a hybrid. Her new lifestyle is worrying, and she obviously, and understandably, isn’t dealing well with losing Hope.

The trailer also treats us to a first look at Teen Wolf’s Daniel Sharman as witch Caleb, and an intriguing interaction between him and Davina.

The revelation that Hope is truly alive is also teased, whilst Marcel seems to be building up a new vampire community.

The clip peaks, however, when it reaches the return of the Mikealson parents, vampire hunter Mikael and powerful witch Esther, both of whom have vicious encounters with their two living sons, featuring dark magic and the white oak stake. Ultimately, Klaus and Elijah are left with the question, “which of our parents do we kill first?”

It may have only been for a split second, but the younger Mikaelson brother Kol, played by Nathaniel Buzolic, also appears under the promise of a “family reunion.”

The one thing that seems to be missing from the clip is any kind of crossover with parent show The Vampire Diaires (I’m looking at you, Caroline Forbes) – but there’s a whole 22 episodes to fit that in!

All in all, the trailer has me squealing with excitement and on a total high. From the opening with the light music and the children’s story, to the dramatic, bloody, drum-heavy end, Julie Plec and co seem to be implying that season 1 was simply child’s play. I cannot wait to return to New Orleans and see where all of these stories go!

The Originals returns to the CW on Monday 6th October, and, for those of you who want to catch up, 2nd September sees the season 1 DVD release!