The Russo Brothers Confirm Their Return To Greendale For The ‘Community’ Sixth Season Premiere

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images


When you are the directors of a critically-acclaimed movie such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, one could imagine that you’d stick to the world of cinema and make grand films with mega-budgets.

Luckily for us Community fans, Anthony and Joe Russo have decided to return to the small screen, confirming that they will be returning to the show for the sixth season premiere.

“We will be returning. We’re going to do the first for those guys. We’re going to have a little fun with that episode. Dan Harmon (series creator) and Chris McKenna (writer) are cooking up something very cool for us.”

[insert gasp of joy here]

The Russo brothers have previously worked on 33 episodes of the (world’s greatest) comedy series, and thankfully will be making the move with the show from NBC to Yahoo Screen. When asked why they kept coming back to Greendale, Anthony answered, “The quality is always so high for the scripts on that show, so it’s very exciting to tear into one of those scripts as a director.”

Combining this news with the fact that Sony have confirmed that something is in the works for a movie (YAY!), it’s safe to say that it’s a good time to be a Community fan.


Sarah Goddard