The Greatest Mystery Of All: ‘The Omen’ TV Series Is Coming To Lifetime In 2015

Credit: 20th Century Fox
Credit: 20th Century Fox

I love spooky, supernatural, horror films and The Omen series are amongst my favourites. You can imagine then my absolute joy at the news that the exploits of Damien Thorn are coming to the television screen!

Written and produced for Lifetime (in partnership with 20th Century Fox) by The Walking Dead’s brilliant Glen Mazzara, Damien will follow the young antichrist on his journey through adulthood and the adventures therein.

As a reminder, The Omen saga first came to our attention in the 1976 eponymous film starring Gregory Peck and Lee Remick (no, we do not mention the 2006 remake, we just do not). Peck played Robert Thorn, the US ambassador to Great Britain, whose adopted baby son turned out to be, well, the false messiah. The Beast. The Evil One. You get the idea. Little Damien was bad news.

A few films (and several deaths) later Damien is a multi-millionaire in his 30s, gorgeously played by Sam Neill, bent on world domination. He fails, of course – I only watch films where good triumphs over evil – but the story is very entertaining. And more than a little terrifying.

My only concern will be the casting; the producers need to get the ideal actor to play their “dark, romantic, anti-hero”. Sadly, Sam Neill is too old. He was perfect in the role.

No matter how many times I watch them, The Omen films still scare the bejesus out of me, and I’m eager to see just how this new series will measure up.

Damien will air as a six-episode series early next year. I’m ready and waiting.

Sara Hunter Smith