The Foo Fighters ask you to ‘All Rise’ in Mysterious ‘8’ Clip

Photo: Rolling Stone
Photo: Rolling Stone

In Chinese culture, the number 8 is viewed as one of the luckiest numbers as it sounds very similar to the word meaning to generate wealth. It follows that the 8th day of the 8th month of the year is particularly lucky and for fans of the Foo Fighters, that was certainly the case today as the band released its latest tease for their new album.

Yesterday they uploaded an 8 second video, aptly titled “8”. Featuring only a speaker on screen, the clip features the band’s frontman, Dave Grohl, growling the words “all rise” for the duration of the clip.


While it’s unclear what exactly the clip meant, many fans have speculated that it is related to the band’s upcoming album. Given the fact that the album will be the band’s 8th studio album, and the recurring use of “8” in the clip and surrounding the album, it is highly likely.

The album was written and recorded in eight musical centres across the US. A documentary series of their journey, Sonic Highways, was directed by Grohl and is part of the band’s 20th anniversary celebrations. A teaser trailer announcing the premiere date of the series was released earlier this week.

In addition to the teaser trailer, the Foo Fighters have also begun posting geographical snippets and clues associated with the album and series. The clues pointed to eight famous US landmarks.

There is speculation that when put together, the pictures will form the new album’s artwork or be the poster for Sonic Highways. This seems entirely possible as a comic book store owner posted the following on Twitter during the week:

That artwork is amazing and would make an awesome album cover.

Sonic Highways debuts on HBO on October 17. The band’s 8th album is set to be released this autumn.

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