Steve Zahn, Kathryn Hahn to Head into the Wilds with Viggo Mortensen in ‘Captain Fantastic’

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Viggo Mortensen hasn’t really given us much to laugh at recently at the movies. His latest movie projects have tended towards the dark, somber drama variety, such as The Road, A Dangerous Method and The Two Faces of January. That is all likely to change with his next film, Captain Fantastic.

Described as a comedy drama, Captain Fantastic has Mortensen play a father who is attempting to teach his six children how to “live, be free, and survive in the world”. And the best way to do this? Immerse yourself deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. However, their own slice of paradise comes to and end and they are all forced out and left to fend for themselves in the other wilds… modern city living. Having to confront life in the real world, the father struggles to adjust, beginning a “journey that challenges his unorthodox parenting.”

This is actually a role that I can see Mortensen being perfect for as there are a number of similarities between Mortensen’s and the father’s attitudes towards life. I am also eager to see him in something a bit lighter, and the subject matter seems like it could easily straddle both comedic and dramatic genres. In fact, I think it would need to balance these two well in order for the film to succeed without ending up feeling too over the top and contrived.

Mortensen will have a great cast joining him for this journey. As well as Frank Langella co-starring, four new cast members were announced yesterday (August 4). Dallas Buyers Club’s Steve Zahn, Kathryn Hahn (Bad Words), Missi Pyle (Gone Girl) and Erin Moriarty (True Detective) will all be starring, presumably at least some of them will be one of Mortensen’s character’s six children.

In addition to the casting news, Entertainment One negotiated a deal to acquire the film’s international rights. In a statement, Harold van Lier, the president of Entertainment One Films International said, “This is a project we all fell in love with and was voted best script of 2014 by our distribution teams on the ground. It is a very original story, both funny and deeply emotional and a wonderful role for Viggo. I don’t think we have read anything like it since Little Miss Sunshine, but this is altogether very different.”

Being a big fan of the quirkiness of Little Miss Sunshine and the use of the ensemble cast in that film, the comparisons with Captain Fantastic have been excited to see how this film turns out.

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