Muppets, Music, Stage and Screen: The #ALSIceBucketChallenge (not so) Masterpost Part V Has Arrived!

Credit: Neil Patrick Harris
Credit: Neil Patrick Harris


Holy Moley!

Today, The ALSA have announced that donations from people participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has reached a mind blowing $62.5 million.

While we marvel in the fact that a significant portion of people from all around the world have reached into their pockets and donated their money to this worthwhile cause, why not check out some of the best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos from the past few days.

Cookie Monster


Neil Patrick Harris

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting


Jennifer Love Hewitt


Eminem and Rihanna


Will Arnett


Beth Behrs

Bradley Cooper


Chris O’Donnell

Sir Patrick Stewart

Dame Judi Dench


Matthew Gray Gubler


Dianna Agron


Susan Sarandon  


Eric Olson and Daniela Ruah

Garrosh Hellscream (World of Warcraft)


Beau Bridges


Chris Martin and Stella McCartney


Jon Cryer


Corey Taylor (Slipknot)


George R.R. Martin


Reese Witherspoon


Les Claypool (Primus)


Justin Theroux


Dylan Saunders and Shashona Brooks


Jason Sudeikis


Olivia Wilde


Will Smith






Sarah Goddard