Lois and Clark: Amy Adams and Henry Cavill Do the Ice Bucket Challenge

Photo courtesy of Reuters
Photo courtesy of Reuters

Since Luke Evans made the wise choice of passing the ice bucket challenge to Henry Cavill, I’ve been waiting at the edge of my seat for that video to hit the internet.

My friends, something beautiful happened today.

Amy Adams and Henry Cavill took a break from filming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice to take the ice bucket challenge together.

Superman finally did it! No, really, Superman did it.

Henry took the challenge while wearing the man of steel costume. Bless you for that, Cavill.

Amy completed the task after one bucket. As for Cavill… well… I just hope he won’t catch a cold after this.

Six buckets of cold water! Maybe he really is the man of steel, he took those buckets like a champ!

The ALS association has raised over $80 million so far, and it’s incredible to see how this number grows each day.

Has your favourite actor/actress/musician taken the challenge yet?