Julian Morris Cast As New Love Interest On New Girl

Credit: IMDB
Credit: IMDB

There’s a new boy on New Girl!

Julian Morris, best known as Agent Owen in 24, Wren in Pretty Little Liars, and Once Upon A Time’s dashing Prince Phillip, is joining the cast of the FOX hit when it returns for its fourth season this Fall, reports EW.

Morris will take on the role of Ryan, a devilishly handsome teacher who takes over Jess’ class now that she’s vice principal. The couple will initially clash over Ryan’s confidence and Jess adjusting to a position of authority, but, of course, Jess will eventually fall for him, and who can blame her! It won’t always be smooth sailing, however, and executive producer Liz Meriwether has explained, “The complication is that she’s very much his boss. Jess is fighting her feelings for this teacher at work.”

I’m sure Jess is going to have a hard time holding back from this heartthrob (have you seen his arms? His hair? I could go on), but the idea of having Morris’ beauty back on my television screen on a weekly basis has made me a very, very happy girl!

New Girl returns to Fox on September 16th, whereas Morris is set to first appear sometime in October.

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