Ice Bucket Challenge Phenomenon: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Joins the fun and Bill Gates too!

Credit: LPGA FB
Credit: LPGA FB

I’m sure you’ve all witnessed either a friend or a celebrity (possibly both) posting on various social media a short clip of them tipping a bucket of iced water over themselves. I’ve got to say the ones I’ve seen from those of us in the southern hemisphere who are currently in winter actually make me shiver.

And I’m pretty sure most people have no clue WHY they are doing it or watching it (apart from a good laugh). So here’s the 1o-4 to bring you up to speed.

It’s known as the Ice Bucket Challenge (I’m pretty sure you all picked up that part), and originally as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – and as we’ve seen in these short videos it involves (yeah there’s no surprises here) dumping a bucket of ice water on one’s head, generally in conjunction with donating to the ALS Association in the United States and then nominating some other lucky souls to follow suit. Very much like the maligned nek-nominate but so far with much less death and injury. One common stipulation gives 24-hours for the nominated party to complete the mission, and if they don’t complete the dare they have to donate $100 to charity.

So what’s it for…. EXACTLY? The ALS Association supports people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known in the US as Lou Gehrig’s disease (he was a NY Yankees baseball player). It’s what the rest of us in layman’s terms would call Motor Neurone Disease (MND); regardless of the name, it’s a worthy cause.

Having gone viral, many people are now donating to a charity of their choice rather than the US based ALS Association and that part I can understand; Act global but keep it local; however like Chinese Whispers I am sure this part will get eventually get dropped off and we’ll just see more and more outlandish ways to carry out the challenge and less and less money being sent to any charity. Which kind of takes the shine off it really, and it’s intent. It would be a great benefit if those doing it in other parts of the globe kept it to the MND in their country.

To his credit, Bill Gates has outdone everyone in the ‘build-a-bucket-tipper-contraption’ department, though despite us seeing him with the mini blow torch and some snazzy head PPE (that’s safety equipment lingo) the cynic in me doubts he actually built that himself. Although I believe he probably designed the lap top that we see in the *cough cough * product placement opening watching FB founder Mark Zuckerberg nominate him.

Gates’ slow-mo water cascade was ok; personally, my top three to date have been Robert Downey Jr, mainly for the horse noise and his nomination of Thor…..

RDJ nominated Vince and Elias D’Onofrio as well as Chris Hemsworth in return.

A close second is the ever delightful Nathan Fillion; and seriously if Tom Hiddleston doesn’t do this, then he should probably think about handing back his title as Head of Hiddlestoners (if he does do it though it will probably break the internet for a day… meh it’s a small price to pay).

Nathan Fillion called on  Tom Hiddleston and Michael Trucco in the end to do it.

Folks, in the comedy stakes, by far the winner would have to be the man of the moment, Mr Chris Pratt, who took it and twisted it such a way.. .well if I didn’t love him before I do now (OK so i DID love him before and I love him even MORE now).

Leave a comment and link; who has been YOUR top ice challenge participant and who do you think should get on board????

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