Full Strictly Come Dancing 2014 Lineup Revealed!

Strictly Come Dancing
Credt: BBC


It is officially time to get excited. The full celebrity lineup for this year’s Strictly Come Dancing has been revealed and I’m already practising my Paso Doble. Oddly enough I was overlooked again, but I will be here week by week to give you quite simply the best recaps you will read.

So let’s take a look at this year’s foolhardy celebs willing to don the spandex and sequins for our viewing pleasure and I will give you my opinions on each one, because opinionated is what I am.

1: Frankie Bridge

Credit: Heatworld

Saturdays singer, and husband’s second favourite. I think she could do well. She’s young and fit and used to learning routines with her girl group, though no doubt this will still be a huge step up for her. I think she could well be with us until the end.


2: Simon Webbe

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Credit: BBC


Singer from boyband Blue, Simon Webbe will certainly be popular with the ladies (or men) of a certain age (that’s my age). For some reason, and my thoughts are not based on any actual real knowledge whatsoever, I think he will be good at the waltz and other slow dances.


3: Judy Murray

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Credit: BBC


NO. I could write a separate piece about how much I loathe this woman and why, and don’t get me started on her miserable son, but Andy aside, Judy Murray has no place in this competition. She is the mother of a tennis player, not a celebrity. As my dear husband said “We’ll be spending a fortune voting for everyone else so she gets kicked off.”


4: Mark Wright

Credit: stv.com


I am not the type of person to lower myself and watch TOWIE, but I do love I’m a Celebrity, and Mark Wright really endeared himself to me on that show. Cheeky chappy who should have the time of his life on the show, and his partner will be a very lucky lady indeed


5: Caroline Flack

Credit: digital spy


Best known for pulling Harry Styles and not pulling Olly Murs even though everyone shipped them, I would like to see Caroline do well if only to prove she is so much more than that. Personally, I’ve always liked her, but then I am not one of the millions of teenage girls who wants Harry Styles all to myself.


6: Thom Evans

Credit: Radio Times


Rugby player. Kelly Brook’s ex. That’s all I can say about him because I don’t have a clue who he is. Sports players usually do well though, so here’s hoping Thom can impress us.


7: Alison Hammond

Credit: Digital Spy


This Morning’s showbiz reporter, I think Alison will be a lot of fun and a great addition to the show.


8: Scott Mills

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Credit: BBC


What can I say? I don’t much like him, to be honest. He gets on my nerves, but then most Radio 1 DJ’s do, which is why I listen to Radio 2. Hoping he sashays right on out the door after Judy Murray.


9: Sunetra Sarker

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Credit: BBC

Casualty actress apparently. Who knew? She could be great, she could be awful. Only time will tell.


10: Steve Backshall

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Credit: BBC


Naturalist, not naturist and that, dear friends, is an important difference to note. Backshall has won a BAFTA for his amazing children’s wildlife show, Deadly 60 and its spinoff Deadly Pole to Pole. No idea if he can dance though.


11: Jennifer Gibney

Credit: IMBD


A comedy actress best known for her role on Mrs Brown’s Boys which is one of my most loathed shows ever. Still, her comment on joining the Strictly lineup was quite funny: “As a child I wrote to Blue Peter asking, ‘Could I dance with Pan’s People?” Gibney joked. “Now at last I get a chance to earn my badge – excited doesn’t cover it!”

12: Jake Wood

Credit: BBC


Eastenders actor who plays Max Branning, Wood says he is doing this for all the dads out there. Good for him, I say! I don’t exactly have high hopes of him taking home the glitterball, but you never know I guess.


13: Pixie Lott.

Credit: Heatworld


Husband’s favourite. In fact, it’s fair to say he was quite thrilled by this announcement. I think Pixie will be the one to beat. Don’t ask me why, I just do.


14: Tim Wonnacot.

Credit: BBC


A legend among daytime TV viewers, Wonnacott is best known for his work on Bargain Hunt. I would imagine he is in as the token ‘comedy contestant,’ but I hope he doesn’t end up staying in for weeks. John Sargent’s appearance still haunts me.


15: Gregg Wallace.

Credit: BBC


I saved the best for last. Master of puddings and indeed master of chefs even though he never does any cooking, just eats John Torode’s offerings. I adore Gregg Wallace and while his winning seems unlikely, I still want him to be absolutely fantastic because I love seeing him on my screen. I suggest his partner bribes him into learning his steps with the promise of a sticky toffee pudding at the end.


So there we have it folks, our Strictly 2014 lineup! What do we all think? Let us not forget that we also have the delightful presenting duo of Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman to look forward to this year, and Claudia interviewing the celebs and their partners after they dance is always comedy gold.

Strictly returns to our screens on Sunday, September 7th at 8pm on BBC1. In the meantime everyone… Keeeeep Dancing!