Faster Than The Speed Of…: ‘The Flash’ Poster Is Electrifying

Photo courtesy of The CW
Photo courtesy of The CW

Well he’s certainly come a long way from Dalton Academy. A new poster for The CW series The Flash has been released. Boy, does Grant Gustin look amazing in the title role.

Ever since the casting of Glee bad boy Gustin was announced last year, we have been eagerly awaiting the Arrow spinoff. Co-starring the adorable Jesse L Martin (ah, the Ally McBeal memories come flooding back) as well as Candice Patton and Tom Cavanagh, The Flash tells the story of Barry Allen. He is a socially awkward forensic scientist by day; crime fighting superhero and the “fastest man alive” by night.

There have been behind-the-scenes photos of Gustin in (and out of) the fabulous red suit. There have been tweets, there have been trailers, and now we have a view into the setting of the series.

The poster depicts Central City, the location of the verse, as dreary and grey; it could be any city in the US. The moon is on the horizon, and the bright orange Flash is brightening the dark streets. The tagline of “discover what makes a hero” is intriguing, however. Could the story be more than the run-of-the-mill superhero tale? Perhaps we will see what makes The Flash tick, what drives him, rather than just how well he takes out the baddies.

I liked Gustin in Affluenza, loved him as Allen in Arrow and adored him in Glee. This is his first leading role in a television series.

I just know he’s going to kill it. I can’t wait to see what happens.

The Flash debuts in the US on 7 October.

Sara Hunter Smith