Don’t Breathe as The Twelfth Doctor Crashes onto Our Screens in “Deep Breath”

Photo: BBC
Photo: BBC

Hello there my fellow Whovians. Welcome to the era of the Twelfth Doctor, and I hope you enjoy my weekly recaps on the wonder that is Doctor Who, and I would love to know what you all think of the episode and the new Doctor.  Hit up the comments below, or let me know on twitter.

We left the Doctor and a very confused Clara at the end of “The Time of the Doctor”, with the new Doctor complaining about the colour of his kidneys, and the fact he couldn’t remember how to fly the TARDIS. So just where did we find our intrepid duo during “Deep Breath”? Has Clara come to terms with the fact that HER Doctor is not the man in front of her?

Executive Producer Steven Moffat recently gave the Radio Times a run down of this season’s episodes and this is what the great man himself has to say about “Deep Breath”.

In late-1890s London, swashbuckling detectives Vastra, Jenny and Strax are summoned to the banks of the Thames for a big surprise, and then an even bigger one. A new Doctor is in town, with mayhem in his wake. As Clara struggles to recognise the man she thought she knew so well, killers stalk the capital. A slaughterhouse restaurant and a buried spaceship lead the Doctor into a confrontation with a long-forgotten foe… but how far is this new man ready to go to protect his friends? 


What You Need to Know:

  • We have a new title sequence which features swirling timepieces, cogs, and THOSE eyes again.  I think this is the first title sequence not to feature the Time Vortex. I am not totally won over by them but I am sure they will grow on me over time.
  • Following his regeneration, the Twelfth Doctor is slightly confused by everything around him and doesn’t recognise Madame Vastra, Jenny or Strax (who he seems to think is one of the seven dwarves).  Rather bizarrely he believes Clare is actually Handles, his loyal cyberman head from “The Time of the Doctor”. As with David Tennant’s early scenes, Capaldi is in his PJ’s.
  • The Doctor speaks dinosaur!! The much anticipated T-Rex in the River Thames was not the villain of the piece as I imagined, in fact she was only a small plot point, which left me feeling short changed and wondering why she was even there in the first place.
  • Clara is not convinced that this shouty, old, grey haired man is her Doctor. Madame Vastra reminds her that the Doctor needs her more than anyone, but then she is still unsure about this new man.  It takes THAT phonecall to change her mind and we learn that this Doctor isn’t a “huggy type of person”.
  • The Twelfth Doctor is definitely very Scottish, and isn’t afraid to complain about things, even his own eyebrows  that could be used “to pop bottle caps off”.
  • There are definite nods to the previous incarnations of the Doctor, he talks about having out grown long scarves, and offers to take Clara for chips. After the redecoration of the TARDIS, he talks about having round things on the wall, harking back to previous TARDIS incarnations. I think we will see more of these as the season progresses.
  • The half faced man, who is the villain of this episode, is harvesting the organs of people to keep himself alive.  The Doctor and Clara end up in a restaurant where it quickly becomes apparent that THEY are the ones on the menu. The half faced man has a connection with the robots from “Girl in the Fireplace”, we learn that his ship was called the S.S. Marie Antoinette, which was the sister ship of the S.S. Madame du Pompadour and that he is in search for the “Promised Land”.  Why do I think this is not the last we have heard of this “Promised Land”?
  • The Doctor muses about his choice of face, and that he has seen it before, and he doesn’t know why he chose that particular face but that is must be important. As Whovians know, Peter Capaldi played Roman sculptor Lucius Caecilius in “The Fires of Pompeii”. Will we learn why this face is so important? I have a feeling that Moffat will be dropping breadcrumbs like this all the way through this season so look out. 
  • The Doctor tells Clara that he is not her boyfriend, and that he is still the same man that he was before.  This scene at the end of the episode between the Doctor and Clara was heart wrenching and I hope shows the beginning of a great relationship between the pair. It also reminds me a lot of the scene between Rose and Ten at the end of “The Christmas Invasion”. 
  • When the half faced man ends up in Paradise he  is welcomed by Missy, who called the Doctor her boyfriend.  She appears to know about the Doctor’s ability to regenerate. This is not the last we will see of the mysterious Missy, as she is played by Michelle Gomez who has been confirmed as appearing in the final episodes of the season. 

I have to say that “Deep Breath” was quite the roller coaster of emotions, and I will freely admit that I cried during THAT cameo. Capaldi’s Doctor will definitely be more frenetic and challenging than Smith’s tenure as the Doctor.  I feel safe in the knowledge that the Twelfth Doctor is definitely in charge now, and I can’t wait for next week.

Talking of next week, here is what Steven Moffat wants us to know about “Into the Dalek” which will air on BBC One at 7.30pm next Saturday and on BBC America.

“Imagine the worst thing in the universe, and then don’t bother because you’re looking at it right now. This is evil refined as engineering.” 

What’s the most dangerous place in the universe? Where is the last place the Doctor should ever stand? He’s faced with his deadliest mission yet – a journey into the heart of darkness, one even he is scared to make. In the dying days of a bitter war, a beleaguered human army has one last hope: a Dalek so damaged it has become good. But can it be trusted? To find out, a miniaturised team, led by the Doctor and Clara, embark on a fantastic voyage into the Dalek itself…

I would love to know what you loved and hated about “Deep Breath”, and would especially love to know what you all think about Peter Capaldi.  See you all next week.

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  1. Brilliant review.. loved the confusion almost reoccurance of 8ths regeneration of amnesia. Capaldi is quite hard faced wise and blunt, loving this! Also a great big nod to all of the previous incarnations which was brilliant. Unfortunately I am still finding that clara grates on me, and her ‘attitude’ toward the doctor in this episode wasn’t welcome in our house… there is something about her that just doesn’t fit the program for me personally. The TARDIS is not growing on me at all though its hard sterile and is only slightly different from Matts ‘time of the doctor’ episode. THE phone call had me blubbing like a baby and was a very welcome touch in consideration of his last appearence. As for the t-rex im undecided lol. Waiting eagerly for next week

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