Coldplay’s Chris Martin Wants to Collaborate on Rihanna’s Next Album

Photo: Coldplay

They have already proved that they can make beautiful music together; now Coldplay’s Chris Martin has revealed that he is eager to work with Rihanna again, hopefully for her next album.

Back in 2012, Rihanna teamed up with Coldplay for their hit single, “Princess of China”. The song appeared on the band’s fifth studio album Mylo Xyloto breaking into the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reaching number 4 on the UK charts.

Martin is obviously hoping for similar success, this time round for Rihanna. During a recent interview with American radio station Fresh 102.7 New York, he related how he had asked Rihanna if he could contribute to her next album. “I don’t even think she asked,” he told. “I just said, ‘Please can I try something?'”

While he would love to collaborate with the singer, he doesn’t know what his chances are of anything he writes making the cut onto the album given the calibre of people Rihanna surrounds herself with. “She has so many amazing people writing for her. It’s like trying to win American Idol, getting a song on Rihanna’s album.”

Martin has written some iconic, catchy rock anthems, and when he is on, he creates music magic. They sounded amazing together on “Princess of China,” one of my favourite songs from the album, so if he writes something along those lines, Rihanna could have another hit on her hands. Whether or not he writes a duet has yet to be discussed. They have amazing vocal chemistry and so I would be keen to see them unite again for this album.

The album might be a bit of a way off yet though, as Rihanna is currently on tour with rapper Eminem with their joint Monster tour till the end of the month. She is then launching her first male fragrance in September.

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