Chord Overstreet Confirms Return to Glee’s Final Season

Photo: tumblr
Photo: tumblr

In news that will probably shock no one, Glee star Chord Overstreet has confirmed that he will be returning for the show’s final season.  Speaking to E! at the LA premiere of The Expendables 3 the star said that he will be returning to work “mid September”.  So let’s hope that Overstreet’s rather full on facial hair will be gone by then as well.

Speaking on the red carpet the actor said; “I assume I will be in all of the episodes.”  Overstreet also seemed to confirm further that this sixth and final season of Glee will be returning to where it all began, “I know I am back in Ohio at the school”.  I am very uncertain about how I feel about the show returning to McKinley High for all of the season, especially at the news that we have FIVE new cast members for the 13 episode run.

It appears that perhaps the writers have remembered that Glee is billed as a comedy as according to Overstreet, “I know the writers are three to four episodes in right now and from what I’ve heard it’s really fun stuff.”  If we get a fun final season, that will make me happy, however I do worry that we are going to get too much crammed into the short run.

So with Overstreet confirming his return, and we know that in spite of Twitter trolls trying to make us think otherwise Lea Michele and Chris Colfer are also returning, along with Darren Criss who will returning as one half of my favourite couple.  It is not yet known just how many episodes Naya Rivera will be starring in as we do know that her role has been reduced from series regular. We also know that Jane Lynch and Dot Marie Jones will be returning as Sue Sylvester and Coach Beiste.

Show creator Ryan Murphy has made no secret of the fact that any of the original cast members who wish to return for this swan song season are welcome to do so.  I for one would think that a really good place for ALL of the original cast to reunite would be at Kurt and Blaine’s wedding, just throwing that out there.

Glee will return early in 2015 on Fox.

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