AU August: Khaleesi Takes On New York in Twist on “Game of Thrones”

Photo: Shelby Arnold
Photo: Shelby Arnold

Hello, 4YEers!

Before we start, for those of you out there who don’t know what AU stands for, it means alternate universe. Alternate universe can mean anything is possible. Think characters from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. driving Jaegers from Pacific Rim. Or, the characters of the novel Little Women being heroes of a Victorian steampunk London.

Basically, in an AU, almost anything is possible. Now, before I continue, I’d like to put a big disclaimer out there. If any of my AUs sound like something you have thought up or have written on Archive of Our Own or, I deeply apologize. I have honestly not read fanfiction in a long, long, long time. These ideas have just struck me as interesting while watching my favorite shows and movies. I promise I’m not trying to infringe on anyone.

Now, I have to admit, coming into this AU this weekend, I have only watched one season of Game of Thrones. I know, I know, I must rectify this immediately. So, I just have to say that some of this AU may be a bit inaccurate. Oops. I will say that I’ve seen a lot of clips on YouTube as well as have read a lot of spoilers and interviews with the cast. Maybe it won’t be too horrible.

My AU this lovely Friday involves underground New York and the “families” that vie for a mythical iron throne. Some of these groups include people who are not familial. Think of them as gangs instead of families per say.

The focus is primarily on young, new comer Dany Targaryen. Her family was murdered in the 80s after a drug ring experiment went awry leaving the iron throne up for grabs. Dany was spared death when her mother and brother fled the city to Canada. While her mother died giving birth, possibly because of the drugs or their lack of money for proper medical help, Dany survived and lived in Canada until she met the famous “Bear”, an outcast of the New York underground who vows to lead Dany back to her true home, New York.

Along the way back home, they meet a gang called the Khallesar. Dany meets and falls in love with their leader “D” and becomes the unofficial “khaleesi” of the Great Plains, where the Khallesar are from. Her brother is murdered by one of her gang mates who said he raped her. This is Mel who comes to be Dany’s best friend and closest advisor next to the Bear.

New York proves to be a different jungle than she’s used to. She misses the simplicity of trees and grass and finds herself rebelling against the stone and glass cages of the skyscrapers she’s surrounded by. After “D” is killed by a member of the Lannisters, who are the Lions of New York, she vows to take the city however possible. As a symbol of her devotion and rage, she has three dragons tattooed on her body, one for each person killed who loved her. Legend has it, the dragons will lead her to victory as no one has seen a mark of the Dragon in over 20 years.

Like The Walking Dead and their universe’s lack of zombie knowledge, dragons are not present in any iteration of modern literature, or entertainment. They are basically myths, concocted by the authors of old for thrills and excitement. Outside fiction, they do not exist. However, Dany possesses something that shouldn’t exist period: magic. It’s this magic that makes her tattoos comes to life when she needs them to.

It’s a bit fantasy and a bit nailed down to reality. Think…The Mortal Instruments only less magical and more realistic to an extent. Or, think of it as very Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere where things are not seen by the human eye but from a very select few who choose to fight or belong to these gangs of families.

Perhaps the idea is all over the place but it’s something interesting I’d like to see or write about. Especially seeing as this version of Game of Thrones focuses on Dany as well as her relationship with the Bear, which has completely gone to pot in the TV series. I ship Dany/Jorah, so, they’d definitely be the driving force of this story.

Got an AU you’d like to share? Hit the comments and join us next weekend for another AU in August that involves some S.H.I.E.L.D.-y characters.

Shelby Arnold
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