4YE Weeklies: What I Wore, or What I’m Not Wearing This Week

Most of my clothes. I’ve been grappling with this week’s feature for a few days now. I’ve gotten to that point where I’m just not comfortable in my own skin anymore. To the point where I’m hiding from mirrors and any possible reflective surface there is.

Summer is tricky. You almost let your guard down and unhealthy choices and one too many summer cocktails have finally caught up to me. It’s hard to present you with what I’ve been wearing when I’m hiding in baggy sweat shirts and maxi skirts.

So here it is. I am trying to make better choices and making it a point to be more active. With some nudging from a friend I bought a FitBit, I’m a bit skeptical about it but she assures me it will be worth it.

So starting tomorrow that’s what I will be wearing. My FitBit. I’ll let you all know how it goes. And hopefully within a few weeks my jeans will fit again and I’ll have no problem showing you what I pull out of my closet!

Credit: Fitbit
Credit: Fitbit