Will Frozen be the Next “Once Upon A Time” Spinoff?

Photo: ABC/Disney
Photo: ABC/Disney

There may be a new spin-off for Once Upon A Time in the pipeline, but some fans mightn’t be thrilled with which story ABC’s president Paul Lee hinted it could be.

Lee told E Online, “We don’t have immediate plans for a Frozen spinoff, but [executive producers, Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis] are so inventive, those two…”

But, if you were thinking that it might be overkill to include Frozen in the upcoming season of OUAT, well according to Lee, you would be wrong, “Frozen is a wonderful asset. John Lassiter (executive producer of the Frozen film), himself flew up to Vancouver, he’s integrally related to the way we’re doing that. Adam and Eddie always have a twist on every story, so you can imagine their twist is going to be very different. But no, I think it’s the perfect time. We’re thrilled with it.”

Paul also spoke about failed spinoff Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, saying, “I would have given (Wonderland) a better chance had I done what we’re doing with (upcoming musical comedy) Galavant and put it in the gap.”

He added, “We wanted a build a night of empowered women, and we were excited about the show, disappointed we didn’t bring an audience to it.”

Let’s hope they’ve learned their lesson, especially if this Frozen spin-off it going to be successful.


Kayleigh Falvey