What I Wore: Subscription Status

Ok so today I’m going to divert from clothes and focus on my latest obsession: Subscription Services. Currently I am getting monthly goodie bags (or boxes) from Birchbox and Ipsy. Christmas can now come 12 times a year!

With both services you fill out a questionnaire so that your goodies can be tailored to your interests. Then for $10 a month you’ll start receiving your sample packs.  I really feel like it’s been my best investment to date!

Birchbox is more of a lifestyle subscription sending you samples for hair, make-up, and tasty treats! A few months ago I got an awesome tea sampler and a chocolate cover pretzel! I’ve noticed that they send me a lot of anti-aging creams and I may need to change some of my answers…

Ipsy is pretty much a make-up lovers dream. I’ve got lipsticks and eyeliners galore (you want thing-ama-bobs, might have to ask Ariel). Every month you get a new make-up bag/pouch as well. What’s not to love?

This month my favorites have to be the Bare Minerals Eyeshadow duo and Pop Bronzer I got from Ipsy as well as Laqa & Co Lip Lube that came in my Birchbox. What’s fun is I would never think to buy a purple hue lipstick because, well I just don’t think I could rock it. But I tried it and I can!  However, it works best when paired with a simple outfit. You don’t want to get too busy.

It made for the perfect concert outfit so I could woo my future baby-daddy Mr. Timberlake.