Tolkien & Lewis: Literary Greats To Be The Subject of New Joint Biopic

Credit: Entertainment Weekly


Two of the greatest literary masterminds of the 20th century are to be immortalised in a joint biopic. J.R.R Tolkien and C.S Lewis’ complicated friendship will be the focus of a new $18million drama: Tolkien and Lewis.

The movie will be produced by UK based production company Attractive Films, and is described as follows: “a drama fantasy set in war torn Britain in 1941 revealing the faith, friendship, and rivalry between J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.”

The two writers both taught at Oxford, and both fought in the First World War. They were friends for years, but the friendship turned sour later on. Through lots of late night conversations, Lord of the Rings author Tolkien, who was a devout Catholic, convinced Lewis to return to the faith.

Of course, Lewis’ book writing took off soon after and he became known for his books that instil Christian themes throughout; most notably the Chronicles of Narnia and The Screwtape Letters.

Lewis went on to become an outspoken and much criticised unofficial spokesman for Christianity, which in turn cause a lot of strain in his relationships with both Tolkien and Oxford University.

While Tolkien struggled for years with his Lord of the Rings Manuscripts, The Chronicles of Narnia took off immediately and became best sellers, which only served to deepen the rift.

This film sounds completely and utterly fascinating, and I can’t wait to hear casting details! Oddly enough, Tolkien and Lewis could find itself in direct competition with another biopic, Tolkien, which supposedly will cover the author’s role during World War One and his time working as a professor, but although the project was announced last year, no budget or director has been announced.


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