This Week’s Teen Wolf Leaves Us Orphaned and Alone

Photo: MTV
Photo: MTV

My head is still reeling from last night’s Teen Wolf episode! “Orphaned” was filled with action and unexpected twists and turns. It turns out that Garrett and Violet may not be the only ones orphaned.

What you need to know:

• The cops showed up at Beacon Hills and carted Violet off. When will they learn that meddling in supernatural affairs will never end well for them? They’re on the hunt for Garrett, but he fled after skewering undercover werewolf Brett in an innocent lacross scrimmage.

• Speaking of Derek, he was busy helping Deaton and Stiles revive our young undercover wolf. Brett shares the same mantra as the previously deceased “the sun, the moon, the truth.” Deaton recognizes it as a Buddhist saying, which gets Derek thinking. He enlists Malia to help him find this hidden pack who he believes is lead by the only Buddhist werewolf he can think of, Satomi (remember her from Kira’s mom’s flashback last season). When they finally find the pack it appears that they have all been poisoned, but more importantly they find Bounty Hunter Braeden who is seriously injured.

• Angry that his fellow orphan and girlfriend has been detained, Garrett nearly runs Liam over with his pimped out teen assassin SUV. But that’s not enough to stop this new wolf. Garrett quickly shiskabobs him with the deadly wolfsbane and throws him in a well (yes, an actual well those teen assassins are so clever). He then uses Liam as leverage to get Scott to help him get Violet back. Scott is hesitant, but the reason that he is a true Alpha is because of his compassion and kindness for others, so he agrees. Unfortunately, bad ass werejagur Kate had the same idea.

• Kate was on high alert already after receiving a cassette (throwback!) retaining some information on a wealthy, good looking, family of were wolves that settled in northern California (hmm who could that be?). Curious, she went on a bit of a rampage with her Berserkers to get some answers. Instead she just wolfed up and killed them all. Gotta work on that control thing, Kate. She then set her sites on Garret and Violet.

• Before Garrett and Scott could execute their plan it looked as if someone had beat them to it. Oh right, Kate and the Berserkers. Violet was already gone and Scott set his focus to helping Sargent Stilinski and his father out from the wreck. Unfortunately for Scott the Berserkers decided to stick around to play. Garrett, being ever so cocky, thought that he and his poison inducing lax stick could take on two terrifying beasts. Unfortunately it didn’t work out in his favor. One last person for Scott to worry about.

• Stiles and Lydia fill Parish in on the Dead Pool and skirt around asking him why he’s on it. They do point out that he made the cut, so why not just ask him what his powers are. I think they’re there… Anywho, Parish agrees to let them speak with Meredith one more time in hopes of receiving the last key to unlock the remaining section of the list. Meredith is less then cooperative. It appears the Benefactor got to her before they did. The pressure was just too much and Meredith took her own life.

• Stiles comes to the conclusion that the key may not be someone who has already died, but someone who is about to. Lydia closes her eyes and lets her Banshee powers guide her to the right keys. When she opens her eyes we see the last key: DEREK.

• Argent enlists Scott’s help to track down Crazy Kate and her bone posse. They stumble upon the Argent family business head-quarters. Kate has been hiding out there. She pleads with her brother not to shoot. Give her more time to learn how to control the change. They can be great again. Argent can’t help but shoot and the Berserkers go nuts. Scott stumbles upon Violet’s body and eventually Kate calls off the attack and flees.

• Liam is running out of time and has already scaled the well wall once and failed. After a brief memory montage he finds the strength to try it one more time. He is almost to the top when he just can’t bare it anymore. He lets out a howl and it catches Scott’s attention. He quickly rushes to his beta’s aid. He pulls Liam from the well and they hug it out. Those newbs are always getting themselves into the craziest situations!

• Peter, who has been lurking in the shadows these past few weeks, finds Kate. He has a proposition for her, in exchange for him teaching her control she will help him get his money back. The exchange was pretty sexually charged too, so I bet that will be worked into the deal somehow. Peter’s main goal in life is power, but it seems that Peter is really just not good at keeping it.

Memorable Quotes:

“No one else dies… I’m going to save everyone on that list.” Scott is done with this Dead Pool Bull shit.

“I’m worth five dollars?!” “Five million.” “I only make $40,000 a year… maybe I should kill myself.” Deputy Parish after being told he made the Dead Pool.

Other Noteables

It seems that our favorite parents have fallen on hard times. Melissa McCall is behind on her bills and Sheriff Stilinski is still late on his Ichen House payment. Shouldn’t it be waived due to the evil spirit that inhabited his son? I don’t recall him receiving any real treatment. Also who picked up Malia’s bills?

Scott and Stiles now hold the money that Garret and Violet earned, so will they help their parents or return it to the Hale family?

Speaking of them… Malia was listed as a Hale on the dead pool… Does she know this yet? Also is anyone else thinking that her real mother is Kate?