They’re Back: The Stormtroopers To Feature In Star Wars Episode VII?

Credit: The Guardian
Credit: The Guardian

It’s the news that most Star Wars fans were hoping for; the Stormtroopers are back for Episode VII!

The news was revealed by Kevin Smith, who got to visit the set of the eagerly awaited film and posted a teary eyed selfie after his visit. During his chat with the Flickering Myth podcast, he spoke more about his visit to the set, ”I’m really excited and you know, people keep saying that I liked the last trilogy and I did. I liked 1, 2 and 3. But I liked them as an adult, when I watched them they didn’t give me the same feeling I had when I was seven watching them for the first time and that’s fine. This movie though…Dude, I cried four times. The seven year old in me came. (J.J.) has f*cking captured it, man. He has nailed it.”

Unfortunatly, Smith couldn’t say for whether the Stormtroopers where back due to the non-disclosure agreement he signed prior to the visit, according to, “When asked: ‘Did you see Stormtroopers?’ over come with excitement he (Smith) gave an almighty nod beaming from ear to ear.”

If that isn’t a sure sign we are going to see Stormtroopers, then I don’t know what is!

Kayleigh Falvey